Claudia Middleton

“Models in the Raw” An interview with Thomas Sing and Chiara Padovan

Thomas Sing and Chiara Padovan are a Berlin-based photography duo. In an attempt to reveal a more honest side of the modeling industry, they recently launched a new venture called Models in the Raw. The project aims to show models in more authentic and vulnerable contexts, allowing them to choose their own clothing and sets … read more

Artist Liz Barr Talks About Celebrity Culture, Religion and Selfies

Liz Barr is a multi-disciplinary artist and art student living in Philadelphia.  Her artistic interests include the concept of relationships and the politics surrounding so-called ‘selfie culture’. She also works as a freelance designer for local bands and clubs. We caught up with Liz to find out more about her thoughts on celebrity culture and religion, and the implications of the 'selfie culture.' … read more