Hillary Loucks

Lola Loves… Cari Vander Yacht’s Animated Vintage GIFs

These GIFs by Cari Vander Yacht combine yellowed vintage photograph found in thrift stores and cartoon-like graphics that once put together, create nostalgic and humorous animations.  With unexpected twists and turns, these animations tell a mid-century story of American suburban culture, filled with comfort and stability. Words by Hillary Loucks Check out Cari Vander Yacht's … read more

Lola Loves… “I Have This Thing With Floors” Instagram Account

Great architecture is often looked upon at eye level, while the viewer forgets the hard work put into the floor on which they stand, I Have This Thing With Floors changes that. This wonderfully whimsical account is dedicated to the beauty of the floor beneath your feet. The floors featured on this account are wonderfully … read more

Moroccan Fashion designer Sofia El Arabi Talks About her Label “Bakchic”

Very few can connect the past with the present. However, Sofia El Arabi—Moroccan fashion designer, blogger, and founder of Bakchic—has found a way to flawlessly merge the old culture of Casablanca, her hometown, with Western trends. With such a unique collection, one starts to wonder who’s behind such beauty. We got a chance to ask Sofia for some insight into her life and the inspiration which surrounds her every day. … read more

Lola Loves… The Golden Age of Hollywood According to Claire Pestaille

In today’s culture, we often look back at the years that have past and remember them fondly. This collection, named "Cinema II," by Claire Pestaille brings back the golden years with hauntingly beautiful collages. Piece by piece, the London-based artist works with historic and iconic photographs from the golden age of Hollywood, and turns them … read more

Interview with Rebecca from The Clothes Horse

Gone are the days of victory rolls and cat-eye sunglasses… Or are they? Rebecca, 27, of The Clothes Horse blog begs to differ. Her style is a fun mix of vintage clothing and novelty items which she shares with the world. When we came across her blog we just had to get to know the girl behind the red hair. … read more

Lola Loves… Merve Özaslan “Natural Act”

Connectivity between humans and nature seems so foreign in today’s industrial society. Merve Özaslan is bringing back this long lost connection through beautifully edited photography. Superimposing colourful nature scenes with black and white city scenes, these photos call into question whether humanity is taking the beauty of nature for granted. Özaslan perfectly describes her intent … read more

Isabel Marant Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

What do the words "tribal" and "Parisian" have in common? Isabel Marant. Her view for summer is more natural and raw; "Tribal without being too literal" is how the designer described her Spring-Summer collection. Her visit to Togo, Ghana and Kenya 25 years ago left an enduring impression on Marant, and this collection definitely makes us dream of distant horizons and African skies. … read more

Interview with Nadia Tarra & Arnaud Ele: Romancing the Swiss Alps

The beauty of the Swiss Alps is captured beautifully by photography duo, Arnaud Ele and Nadia Tarra. Their photography has a whimsical and youthful feel; capturing the world in muted, yet breathtaking photos with a vintage feel that brings upon a sense of nostalgia. In a world of overly edited and fine-tuned photography, Arnaud and … read more

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