Marnie Feuerriegel

Photography: DaRemen J – Nostalgia in North Carolina

It’s 7 pm on a balmy Sunday night and you’re not ready to go home. The subtropical climate suggests paradise; that warmth, open spaces and neverending sunrays. It’s a place where youths, often contemplative in nature generate a nonchalant atmosphere and the feeling of an endless summer. Warm skin, disheveled hair, minimal clothing. These are … read more

Lola Loves… Rachel Moseley’s Hyper-Realistic Paintings

A topless woman with cat-like shades and a half smoked fag sits posed and proud. A man with an impressive beard, arms crossed and covered in tattoos gazes candidly back at the viewer. A blond girl dressed in fur appears as though she’s ready to cause some trouble. The images you see may appear as … read more

“I think humans are just a part of nature” – A talk with Chen Chong

Spirituality. Nakedness. Environment. Life. When one contemplates the exposed human body in relation to nature, it’s easy to forget about the ego. In Eastern philosophy, humans are attached to nature. Here, Chinese photographer Chen Chong has combined the two in his series "About Eternity," creating a seamless vision of nature’s relationship with the human body. … read more