Natálie Zehnalová

Interview with Sun And The Wolf: “We’re trying to make it as wonky as possible”

Some nine years ago, a trio of New Zealanders gave up the "borderline success" of their teen rock band and relocated to Berlin to start afresh. In their new environment, they shifted towards psychedelia and experimentation and re-emerged under the moniker Sun And The Wolf. The formation quickly settled in the European scene without never … read more

A Talk With Geneva Jacuzzi: “everyone wants to have fun”

Geneva Jacuzzi is the kind of person who is always going around doing things her own way, which is often the opposite of what is usually expected. She’s gone astray from her religious upbringing in a Jehovah’s Witness community and started a life of her own in L.A. When she discovered the avant-garde synth music … read more

Filmmaker Sany Talks About “Girl Power” — Graffiti Is A Girl’s Thing

Girl Power is the title of the first documentary focusing on female graffiti artists. Produced and directed by the Czech graffiti writer Sany over the span of seven years, the film features stories of female writers from fifteen cities including New York, Sydney, Toulouse, Moscow, Berlin and Prague. Girl Power premiered earlier this year in … read more

Interview with The KVB: “We think “Of Desire” is our best record yet”

The romantic industrial shoegaze duo from London, The KVB, has been around since 2010. During their live shows, their specific blend of shoegaze is accompanied by mesmerizing visuals, resulting in a dreamlike audiovisual experience. With their new record “Of Desire” (Invada Records), The KVB has embarked on a European tour, including the UK and Russia. … read more

Visvaldas Morkevicius — The “Public Secrets” of Lithuanian Youth

Fascinated by what goes on in the bars, basements and backstreets of Vilnius, the young photographer and media artist Visvaldas Morkevicius brought the flashlight of his camera into the dimly lit corners to capture the events and emotions he found himself surrounded by. What resulted is a series of photographs collected in a self-published book … read more

Beauty Knows No Boundaries: Portraits of Women in North Korea

For three years now, the Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc has been traveling the world taking pictures of women of diverse cultures. Her aim is to show that beauty is not found in expensive clothing or layers of makeup bit is in fact within us. Her project “The Atlas of Beauty” has taken Noroc to over … read more