Nathan Burley

Our 15 Favorite Albums of 2015

After countless meetings, conference calls, anonymous votes and long contemplative walks, we’ve summed up this year’s album releases to our absolute favorites. … read more

Fort Lean Talks About Recording Their First Full-Length Album “Quiet Day”

Fort Lean is not a literal place. It—or rather they are a rock band and one not so easily described. To quote a great deal of their previous press, they are “classic rock-inflected, hyper-chill” “Brooklyn indie-poppers” and “slack-rockers,” as well as an “east-coast band with a west-coast vibe.” In addition to all of that, Fort … read more

Five Albums to Listen to This Week: June 30, 2015

From soul to garage rock and experimental pop, we picked five albums to listen to this week.   Leon Bridges — Coming Home You might not think that you’d necessarily want to hear someone rehash the exact moods, sounds and sentiments of Sam/Otis/Aretha soul music when you can just listen to them do it. That is … read more

Calgary act 36? on their latest EP “Tiger Tail”

Nine years ago in 2006, 36? began in Taylor Cochrane’s Calgary basement. At the time, Cochrane was seventeen, on too much ADD medication and full of musical ideas. He self-released three albums under “36?” before the project really took shape last year and morphed from a solo project into a four-piece band, adding Ryan Kusz, … read more

Interview with Level & Tyson from Oslo

Based in Oslo, Norway, Level & Tyson is the most geographically remote indie rock band you ought to know about. Known for their raucous but very danceable live shows, Level & Tyson has a remarkable capacity for both catchy guitar-pop and jarring, feedback-ridden experimentations. Their latest single “Tied Up” veers just towards the former. Lead … read more