Rasha Karim

Photography: Dana Trippe’s Trippy Fishbowl Portraits

Dana Trippe, 20, is a mixed media artist and photographer whose trippy snapshots are nostalgic of bohemian love and freedom. Born and raised in California, it's almost as if she was destined to become a  hippie stuck in the 70s. This must be exactly what she was thinking about when conjuring up these self-portraits in … read more

Photography: Monika Mogi 君といちゃつくために

At 22 years old, most of us may not have had the opportunity to see success like Monika Mogi—especially one cultivated on pure talent, dedication and hardwork. Being half Japanese, half American with a self-proclaimed identity that belongs to neither heritage, Mogi wants young women to relate to her photos. She moved to Japan with … read more

Photography: The Mysterious Universe of Juan Marcos

Juan Marcos was 17 when his photography teacher in his native Ecuador planted a seed in him by foretelling his future as a professional photographer. His passion for photography is exclusive, and ten years later, the prophetic words of his childhood teacher are being fulfilled. After having spent his academic years in Madrid at Escuela … read more