Sarah-Jane Ryan

Photography: Molly Strohl “Star Dust”

Molly Strohl's Star Dust series is a collection of dreamy, hypnotic images that remind us that there is more to us than meets the eye. Based on the premise that we are made up of the same energy as stars, the images are manipulated to appear as though the subjects are bathed in gentle starlight. … read more

The Whimsical World of Homeless Artist Lee Godie

Lee Godie's life was never the same after a visit to an Impressionism show at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1968. At 60-year-old, the homeless drifter declared herself an artist and sold her work on the streets of Chicago where she was well known and liked by locals. Aside from numerous self-portraits, her prolific … read more

Photography: Agustin Hernandez — Some Situations Can’t Be Explained

Things feel a little like they’re not what they should be—a little off-kilter—about Agustin Hernandez' photography. Perhaps this is why his work is so addictive; you want to see more to keep uncovering these witchy, magic images that leave you feeling a little disconcerted, a lot voyeuristic, and occasionally like you walked in at the … read more

Creatures of the Wind SS16: Fishnets, Black Nails & Flowy Dresses

There is depth and intensity to the Creatures of the Wind SS16 show. Slip dresses, white denim, leather and trouser suits all feature in this inspiring collection by Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters. What’s really notable is the looks’ punk vibe despite the floral prints and pretty skirts. Neutral tones dominate; black, white, grey, and … read more