Fashion Interviews

A Talk With Makeup Artist Katie Jane Hughes

Katie Jane Hughes is her name, creating flawless makeup looks on Instagram is her game. Best known for her skin and eye work, Katie has a great talent for creating simple and beautiful looks that are accessible and totally re-creatable, even to those that might have a limited skill-set when it comes to makeup. A … read more

“Models in the Raw” An interview with Thomas Sing and Chiara Padovan

Thomas Sing and Chiara Padovan are a Berlin-based photography duo. In an attempt to reveal a more honest side of the modeling industry, they recently launched a new venture called Models in the Raw. The project aims to show models in more authentic and vulnerable contexts, allowing them to choose their own clothing and sets … read more

Gittit Szwarc from Knobbly Studio: “I’m inspired by the human form”

Gittit Szwarc, the designer of Knobbly Studio in Israel, crafts minimalistic jewellery that interacts with the human form. All items are handmade in their studio in Jaffa, Israel, mainly from locally sourced materials. Influenced by the human form, Gittit considers all factors when designing; what will it look like from an angle, how will it move when she moves and how does it relate to the natural lines of her body. Lola Who had the chance to talk to Gittit about her inspirations, her design process and what’s next for Knobbly Studio. … read more

Interview with Merrel Westhoff from Monocrafft in the Netherlands

Jewellery brand Monocrafft is the domain of designer Merrel Westhoff, based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The name is a combination of monocrat, the sole leader in a one-person governing system, and craft. With fans—including reigning designer Donna Karan—growing in legion since 2013, Westhoff is sending her simple yet symbolism-packed pieces on a march into fashionable cities across the globe and we were lucky enough to chat with her. … read more

Interview with Kate Miss About her Fall/Winter 2015 Jewellery Collection

Kate Miss can do it all. The L.A. based graphic designer, jewellery maker, photographer and blogger has risen above and beyond the challenges of all her creative endeavors. Her jewellery designs are simple and unique; each piece created with a specific vision in mind. In this interview for Lola Who, she tells us about her inspiration, her creative process when making jewellery, and the music that will make anyone feel creative and productive. … read more

Interview with Artist and Goldsmith Pilar Agueci

Montreal-based jewellery designer and goldsmith Pilar Agueci has been making jewelry for over decade. Her clean and modern designs will effortlessly enhance any urban monochrome chic look. Pilar was kind enough to do an interview with Lola Who about how she got started, finding inspiration in urban architecture, and the importance of always learning new things. … read more

Moroccan Fashion designer Sofia El Arabi Talks About her Label “Bakchic”

Very few can connect the past with the present. However, Sofia El Arabi—Moroccan fashion designer, blogger, and founder of Bakchic—has found a way to flawlessly merge the old culture of Casablanca, her hometown, with Western trends. With such a unique collection, one starts to wonder who’s behind such beauty. We got a chance to ask Sofia for some insight into her life and the inspiration which surrounds her every day. … read more

Meet African Dandy “Loux the Vintage Guru”

Namibian designer, stylist, tailor, and self-proclaimed hipster, Lourens Gebhardt, who goes by Loux The Vintage Guru, is a dapper man about town. Loux lives for the vintage way of life as well as promoting African fashion throughout Namibia, the rest of Africa and the world. Working alone and sometimes with the Khumbula Fashion Collective in … read more