Fashion Interviews

Fashion: Interview with Lina Hu from Arc Jewellery

Jewellery can be anything from the final piece that pulls an outfit together, or the very inspiration for what to wear. Arc Jewellery, a Montreal-based brand started by Lina Hu, does all that with modest simplicity. Inspired by architectural and geometric elements, Hu's designs are clean and refreshing. Hu took a break to talk to us about her love for metalsmithing, her fascination for geometry, and spending the summer in Montreal. … read more

Fashion: Interview with Trisha Lazaroo from Wylden

For almost all of us, jewelry is something we treasure. It’s different than the t-shirts that hang in our closet or our shoes tossed carelessly by the door. Vancouver based jewelry brand, Wylden, makes a point to focus on the simple aesthetics we love. Founder, Trisha Lazaroo, has created a line of products that can be worn everyday paired with any outfit. … read more

Interview with Rebecca from The Clothes Horse

Gone are the days of victory rolls and cat-eye sunglasses… Or are they? Rebecca, 27, of The Clothes Horse blog begs to differ. Her style is a fun mix of vintage clothing and novelty items which she shares with the world. When we came across her blog we just had to get to know the girl behind the red hair. … read more

Fashion interview with T. from Upper Metal Class

A couple of years ago, T. wasn't doing so well. Feeling disappointed with the job market, she slowly developed a successful home-base jewellery line in Portland, now known as Upper Metal Class. T. jewellery designs are elegant,  simple and edgy and will add glam to any style. We caught up with T. and gained an insight into her world, her family history, and her incredible commitment to community work. … read more

Fashion Interview with Kristin from Black Betty Design

Kristin and Klaudia Weixelbaumer are a dynamic sister duo from Cape Town, South Africa, to watch out for. Together they began producing well-crafted jewellery for their brand Black Betty in 2012 and have never looked back since. Combining their backgrounds in advertising and interior design, they continue to produce the perfect marriage of simplistic and graphic wearable art. Lola Who interviewed Kristin to get a glimpse into their essence and to find out what makes them tick. … read more

Fashion Interview: Dear Rae “Let’s Get Tropsi”

Tropical elegance is the highlight of Dear Rae’s latest collection "Let’s Get Tropsi." The pieces, inspired by tropical plants like bananas and pineapples, perfectly capture the spirit of summer. It’s hard not to picture sandy beaches and palm trees while viewing this collection; even in the coldest hemispheres you can feel the warmth of the tropical sun emanation from these jewels. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Dear Rae jewellery is gaining worldwide recognition; lucky us, we got a chance to interview founder Karin Rae Matthee about their latest exotic collection "Let’s Get Tropsi." … read more

Fashion Interview with Kristen from Minoux Jewelry

They say that traveling the world can change your life. For Kristen Robison, it did just that. She had just decided not to go to law school when she took a trip that helped her decide her future. Before this trip, she had dabbled in wire-wrapped jewellery that she managed to sell. However, while in India, she learned how to solder jewellery and made her first ring. … read more

Fashion Interview: Katherine Antwi’s Jewellery for the Female Warrior

Two years ago, jewellery designer Katherine Antwi Ayala, set out on a trip to Mexico that would change the course of her life. She left her work as an interior designer, and set her mind on a new project: an exotic, high-impact jewellery line that combines organic and modern materials - the perfect accessory for the urban female warrior. … read more