Photography: Maciek Jasik’s Mysterious Colours

Maciek Jasik is a unique photographer, renowned for his fascinating and inventive portraits. Born in Poland, but currently based in New York, his colourful works have appeared across numerous platforms, from commercial clients like GQ, to his own exhibition “Bypassing the Rational” at the Dan Cooney Gallery. No matter the stage, his work is recognizable … read more

Photography: DaRemen J – Nostalgia in North Carolina

It’s 7 pm on a balmy Sunday night and you’re not ready to go home. The subtropical climate suggests paradise; that warmth, open spaces and neverending sunrays. It’s a place where youths, often contemplative in nature generate a nonchalant atmosphere and the feeling of an endless summer. Warm skin, disheveled hair, minimal clothing. These are … read more

Photography: Kimber Beck’s Self-Portraits

The photography of 25-year-old Kimber Beck takes the form of self-portraits with a retro feel. Her work might be better described as body portraits that explore intimacy with the body of the self, and with the bodies of other women. Captured in whole or in part, female bodies are often found in surreal contexts and contortions. Intimate and dreamy, the subjects of her pieces are often faceless and unclothed—or wearing only underwear. … read more

Remembering Prince at 19 On The Verge Of Superstardom

The so-called "kid from Minneapolis" was one of the greatest musicians of the 80s and early 90s with hits like "Purple Rain,"When Doves Cry, and "Cream."  With his androgynous-dandy style, his musical genius, and his desire to create his own world, Prince Rogers Nelson was born for the stage. Three months after David Bowie, the world … read more

Photography: Molly Strohl “Star Dust”

Molly Strohl's Star Dust series is a collection of dreamy, hypnotic images that remind us that there is more to us than meets the eye. Based on the premise that we are made up of the same energy as stars, the images are manipulated to appear as though the subjects are bathed in gentle starlight. … read more

The Whimsical World of Homeless Artist Lee Godie

Lee Godie's life was never the same after a visit to an Impressionism show at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1968. At 60-year-old, the homeless drifter declared herself an artist and sold her work on the streets of Chicago where she was well known and liked by locals. Aside from numerous self-portraits, her prolific … read more

Photography: Agustin Hernandez — Some Situations Can’t Be Explained

Things feel a little like they’re not what they should be—a little off-kilter—about Agustin Hernandez' photography. Perhaps this is why his work is so addictive; you want to see more to keep uncovering these witchy, magic images that leave you feeling a little disconcerted, a lot voyeuristic, and occasionally like you walked in at the … read more

Visvaldas Morkevicius — The “Public Secrets” of Lithuanian Youth

Fascinated by what goes on in the bars, basements and backstreets of Vilnius, the young photographer and media artist Visvaldas Morkevicius brought the flashlight of his camera into the dimly lit corners to capture the events and emotions he found himself surrounded by. What resulted is a series of photographs collected in a self-published book … read more