Lola Loves…

Lola Loves… Matthieu Bourel’s Travel Book

"Be worried. Be very worried," says the last page of Matthieu Bourel's travel book, a journal of scanned collages. It sums up the general vibe you get flicking through the digital pages of the cover's promised sabbatical. His book takes the viewer on a journey to distant countries, fully displaying the anxieties and difficulties that … read more

Lola Loves… Laura Callaghan’s Badass Girls

Irish-born, London-based illustrator Laura Callaghan creates characters. Using eye-popping colour and minute detail, she depicts women who command attention. Her female subjects never smile, holding serious, steady expressions as they sit, stand, or sprawl in rooms bursting with pop culture and literary references. Full of energy and details, her illustrations give the impression of a … read more

Lola Loves… Rachel Moseley’s Hyper-Realistic Paintings

A topless woman with cat-like shades and a half smoked fag sits posed and proud. A man with an impressive beard, arms crossed and covered in tattoos gazes candidly back at the viewer. A blond girl dressed in fur appears as though she’s ready to cause some trouble. The images you see may appear as … read more

Lola Loves… Wayne White’s Humorous Paintings

Emmy-award winning artist, Wayne White, may not be a household name, but his remarkable talent has been seen by millions around the world.  One of his most notable contributions to the world of art was designing the set for Pee Wee’s Playhouse, a hit television sitcom of the late 1980’s.  Some of his most recent … read more

Lola Loves.. Mike Parisella’s Otherworldly Mixed Media Collages

Slip into a world of optical illusion, folded fluorescence and unexpected juxtaposition with the otherworldly mixed media collages of Boston-based artist Mike Parisella. At times a psycho-nautical excursion to outer space and at others an intimate look at female beauty, @slimesunday is an artistic experiment with the world of cinema 4d, pixel sorting and data … read more

Lola Loves… Carolina Amorim’s Coloured Thread

Daggers, lasers, or maybe just a steely glare. All things that can be shot from one's eyes. Figuratively, of course... unless you're a superhero. Artist Carolina Amorim traces the gaze of her models with coloured thread. Some travel in straight lines, others in geometric shapes. A daydream, perhaps? Lost in thought? There are no vacant … read more

Lola Loves… Javier Piñón’s Hypnotizing Collages of Medusa

Legend has it that Medusa had a terrifying face and snakes for hair. If that wasn't enough, anyone who looked at her would turn to stone, which probably makes for a lonely existence, one where the joys of eye contact, say nothing of sharing a sidelong glance with a co-conspirator, would never be known. Perhaps … read more

Lola Loves… Yutaka Kitamura’s Time-Lapse of Petals Unfurling

Flowers—lush, beautiful and ethereal. Huge, full blooms never get old. Japanese artist Yutaka Kitamura created time-lapse videos that capture the twist, shake and bounce of each flower as it blossoms—something impossible to observe at normal speed.  Part of a collaborative art project entitled "Touched by Strangers," the hypnotizing images depict the movement of individual petals unfurling, as they open up to reveal the stamen and pistil. It's nature's striptease. … read more

Lola Loves… Rachel Denti’s Utterly Relatable Thoughts

The things we do in our everyday routine might seem like little tasks but have you ever wondered if they could be associated with greater life views and common feelings? Brazilian artist Rachel Denti, puts a new spin on satirical art by communicating raw emotions, feelings and thoughts through her graphic designs of daily occurrences such as looking at shampoo or taking public transit. A consistent pink and blue colour scheme paired with brutally honest daily thoughts make Denti's work utterly relatable. Waiting for public transit; "Everything's a Struggle" and morning shower; “New Days but same Self-Destructive Behaviour.” These are some of the thoughts explored by Denti. By pairing these thoughts with images of day-to-day errands, you really do think a bit deeper about the simple things we do and these images become part of a bigger self-reflective structure. … read more