Lola Loves…

Lola Loves… Yutaka Kitamura’s Time-Lapse of Petals Unfurling

Flowers—lush, beautiful and ethereal. Huge, full blooms never get old. Japanese artist Yutaka Kitamura created time-lapse videos that capture the twist, shake and bounce of each flower as it blossoms—something impossible to observe at normal speed.  Part of a collaborative art project entitled "Touched by Strangers," the hypnotizing images depict the movement of individual petals unfurling, as they open up to reveal the stamen and pistil. It's nature's striptease. … read more

Lola Loves… Rachel Denti’s Utterly Relatable Thoughts

The things we do in our everyday routine might seem like little tasks but have you ever wondered if they could be associated with greater life views and common feelings? Brazilian artist Rachel Denti, puts a new spin on satirical art by communicating raw emotions, feelings and thoughts through her graphic designs of daily occurrences such as looking at shampoo or taking public transit. A consistent pink and blue colour scheme paired with brutally honest daily thoughts make Denti's work utterly relatable. Waiting for public transit; "Everything's a Struggle" and morning shower; “New Days but same Self-Destructive Behaviour.” These are some of the thoughts explored by Denti. By pairing these thoughts with images of day-to-day errands, you really do think a bit deeper about the simple things we do and these images become part of a bigger self-reflective structure. … read more

Lola Loves… Kellesimone Waits Vibrantly Dark Paintings

Kellesimone Waits is an artist just like her parents; singer-actor Tom Waits and painter-filmmaker Kathleen Brennan. With such creative genes running in the family, no wonder Kellesimone Waits turned out to be a prolific artist herself. Her work is highly centered around the representation of women; beautiful, mysterious, playful and sometimes even slightly deranged... "I … read more

Lola Loves… Cléa Lala Embroidery Work

There was a time when embroidery work resembled a traditional, folk, almost grandmother-ish feeling. French artist Cléa Lala works fabric, paper and threads in a very distinctive way; the poetic duality of sensations stitched when looking at her intentionally imperfect but clearly well-executed pieces go from aggressiveness to delicacy, from innocent to acid. Clea Lala’s … read more

Lola Loves… Ben Lewis Giles Collages of Flowers

Flowers, birds, tree leaves... Ben Lewis Giles is a talented young artist from Suffolk, England, who is immensely generous with details and... flowers. His collage work features elements belonging to nature juxtaposed with poetic photos of girls waking up to spring's arrival. In an interview Giles mentioned, "If this is in regards to the flower … read more

Lola Loves… Ophelia Chong’s Letterpress Art

XOXO. Typically meaning kisses and hugs, although you may associate it with a certain TV series about privileged teens, tic-tac-toe, or, more obscurely, a type of seafood sauce. LA-based artist Ophelia Chong screens a bold, heavyset version of these letters in red, atop vintage photographs and illustrations, producing letterpress art with an alarming, propagandistic feel. … read more

Lola Loves… Kathryn Macnaughton’s Mixed Media Illustrations

Although there's a definite style to her work, it's hard to put your finger on exactly what Kathryn Macnaughton's mixed media illustrations have in common. Some references to pop culture. Some are generally innocent, others are more risqué. Some have clearly distinguishable backgrounds, others are more abstract. Even her work spans a few mediums, from … read more

Lola Loves… Tracey Emin’s Love Affair With Neon

Neon lights can be a little cheesy, but sometimes you might have a message that's best broadcast by fluorescent, gleaming gases trapped in clear glass tubes.  London-based Tracey Emin's neon script art is romantic, lusty, and hopeful, but also bold, and unapologetic, much like the early stages of love. … read more

Lola Loves… Natalie Foss’ Pencil Illustrations

Maybe you think of coloured pencils are a sort of intermediate art tool, reserved for middle school geography class.  A step up from crayons but less refined than 'serious' art tools, like pastels, watercolours and paints. But in the hands of Natalie Foss, these humble implements take on a new sophistication. Her retro-futuristic take on … read more