Lola Loves…

Lola Loves… Annegret Soltau’s Embroidered Self-Portraits

Ever heard of actors or actresses who don't like watching movies they're in? Perhaps you've had a similar feeling when hearing yourself on a recording, or being camera-shy, ducking out of the frame whenever a friend holds up their phone in photo-mode. Being your own worst critic can be tough. But if Dutch artist Annegret … read more

Lola Loves… Eric T. White Provocative Collage Art

A little bit provocative, a little bit of nudity, a little bit Rocky Horror Picture Show, Eric T White's collages are fun and irreverent. He mixes black and white photographs with colour ones, and plays with scale in an unexpected, yet still fitting way. Is that a head coming out of a pair of legs? … read more

Lola Loves… Wes Anderson Postcards

Wes Anderson movies have a certain distinctive feel. Whether animated or live-action, the colour palettes, directorial choices and camera movements set them apart from your average film. And no one can deny that Anderson excels in creating a world in his movies that, while not far removed from ours, obviously exists on a slightly different … read more

Lola Loves… Halloween Vintages Masks

Happy Halloween from Lola Who! What is it about masks? Wandering through the rows of vintage masks below, you can almost smell the cheap plastic and floppy rubber, wince at the garish paint, catch a sudden low, menacing laugh. Which role will you play? Are you the masked, or the spooked? The hidden identities, the … read more

Lola Loves… Kevin Weir’s Spooky GIFs

Animated GIFs are usually cute, repetitive, and addictive to watch. Two out of three isn't bad for Kevin Weir. He takes old images from the Library of Congress and makes something weird out of the—and the black and white definitely adds to the creepy feel. … read more

Evelyn Tannus’ Ceramic Hand-Horns

Who doesn't love jazz hands? Used to show off a state of cheesy exuberance, maybe the gesticulate equivalent of a dad joke when used in a non-ironic manner. Ok, so it's not for everyone. Maybe you're a little more edgy. Brazilian artist Evelyn Tannus feels you. She's created a series of devil-horn sign flashing ceramic … read more

Lola Loves… Peter de Potter – Routine Routine

Is Peter de Potter a romantic? It depends on what your definition of romance is. The Belgian artist makes the male body a major theme of his works in his Tumblr project Routine Routine, using different angles and colours to frame his subjects. The result has a bit of a vintage vibe; with grainy images of men and vaguely suggestive captions.  While the real meaning of each caption will remain with Potter, there may be some universal insights to be gleaned based on each reader's interpretation. … read more