Lola Loves…

Lola Loves… Peter de Potter – Routine Routine

Is Peter de Potter a romantic? It depends on what your definition of romance is. The Belgian artist makes the male body a major theme of his works in his Tumblr project Routine Routine, using different angles and colours to frame his subjects. The result has a bit of a vintage vibe; with grainy images of men and vaguely suggestive captions.  While the real meaning of each caption will remain with Potter, there may be some universal insights to be gleaned based on each reader's interpretation.

Lola Loves… Kent Rogowski’s Puzzles

Kent Rogowski has puzzles all figured out. As he explains it "The thought popped into my head that a puzzle manufacturer would probably use the same die to cut all of their puzzles that shared a piece count in order to decrease manufacturing costs." Why this has not occurred to the rest of the world is a mystery. Meanwhile, the Brooklyn-based artist puts his epiphany to good use by mixing and matching his puzzles pieces to create new works—ones where giant flower bouquets materialize in the middle of meadows, and horses blur into blossoms and clouds.

Lola Loves… Funky Embroidered Snapshots by Melissa Zexter

The simple joys of embroidery. The counting, the stitching, the meticulous details... Uh, never mind. It's not for everyone, that's for sure. But for Brooklyn based artist Melissa Zexter, it provides contrast and detail to her photographic portraits. The photos themselves represent speed, and modernity, while the stitching harkens back to a less hurried time,…

Lola Loves… “People Living” Collage Art by Anthony Gerace

Remember when you first discovered magazines? The glossy images, the glamorous models, the covet-inducing ads? You might have ripped out your favourite pages, decorated your walls, tried to make the blank canvas more you, somehow.  Anthony Gerace's collages are created using the same idea, but to more sophisticated effect. Slogans and scraps are artfully arranged…

Lola Loves… Laura Breiling’s Series of Captivating Women

What does it feel like to be a cool girl? For some of us, the answer might still be elusive. But look at Germany based artist Laura Breiling's illustrations and you begin to suspect she's figured it out. Her subjects have an air of nonchalance, clearly choosing to live their lives the way they want, and I'm sorry, is there a problem with that? Whether alone or in a group, out doing their own thing or watching Netflix with the cat, regardless of hairstyle or body type, her women are confident and comfortable in their own skin... Something we could all get a little better at.