Music Interviews

Brooklyn-trio EZTV talk about their debut album “Calling Out”

Brooklyn-based EZTV are fresh off their first album release Calling Out on the label Captured Tracks. On the surface, the album is the perfect summer soundtrack, but underneath the catchy melodies and guitar hooks, there is a sense of real heartbreak. It is a refreshing throwback to an older musical aesthetic, along with a mature … read more

Interview with Montreal Electro-Disco Trio “Le Couleur”

What exactly is Italian disco? What is produced if you mix French with pop and an electronic sound? All these questions and more are answered by the Montreal trio, Le Couleur. With singer Laurence Giroux-Do bringing a sultry sound to each track, Le Couleur will make you go back to a time of pure music … read more

Interview with Australian Singer-Songwriter Fraser A. Gorman about his Debut Album “Slow Gum”

Fraser A. Gorman is a young singer-songwriter based out of Melbourne, Australia, who just released his first album "Slow Gum" on June 29th. The self-proclaimed Americana country-rock artist comes from humble roots but has grown his musical career to playing shows all over Europe and Australia. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and The Band, Gorman adds an Australian twist to the Americana catalogue. He talked to us about his musical inspirations, family, and what its like to live on the road. … read more

Interview with Folk Rock Band Blueprint Blue from London

Drummer Melissa Rigby and bassist Huw Webb of S.C.U.M and Astral Pattern teamed up with Elliot Hayward to form the folk rock band Blueprint Blue back in 2013. The band brings new life to the folk-rock genre with raw sound and 60s rock inspiration. Since the release of their EP "Undertoad," fans just cannot get … read more

Interview with Icelandic Post-Punk Band Fufanu

Fufanu is a young Icelandic post-punk act set to release their debut EP "Adjust to the Light" on June 29th. Their music is somewhat dark and heavy, though not excessively so. Just when you feel as though their orderly songs are settling into a plodding rhythm, they often explode into a discordance of sound and … read more

Interview with HAWK from London

Emerging in 2012 from the ever-gifted UK earth, HAWK is a four-piece band comprised of multi-talented musicians. Their layered sound explores a wide variety of musical dimensions, combining the angelic, light, fluttery vocals of lead singer Julie HAWK with rock-based guitar and percussion. The music videos that accompany their unique sound are just as brilliant and unexpected, leaving a truly distinctive taste in the audience's mouth. We sat down with lead singer Julie Hawk to discuss how the band was formed, deeper meanings and upcoming works we can look forward to. … read more

Calgary act 36? on their latest EP “Tiger Tail”

Nine years ago in 2006, 36? began in Taylor Cochrane’s Calgary basement. At the time, Cochrane was seventeen, on too much ADD medication and full of musical ideas. He self-released three albums under “36?” before the project really took shape last year and morphed from a solo project into a four-piece band, adding Ryan Kusz, … read more

Interview with Rachel from GAPS, UK

Based out of Brighton, UK, long-time friends Rachel Butt and Ed Critchley make up GAPS, an electro-folk duo with a sound that needs to be heard. Meeting as children, the duo developed their own individual sounds before coming together to produce their first album “In, Around the Moment.” This album sees the duo working with … read more