Our 10 Favourite Songs from Alan Vega and Suicide

"Suicide was never supposed to be entertainment," said Alan Vega. The protopunk pioneer and frontman of Suicide, has died last Saturday at his home at the age of 78. The New York duo, comprised of Vega and Martin Rev, were among the first to describe themselves and their dissonant sound as “punk.” Unsettling and unpolished, Suicide made minimal and stripped down electronic music that sounded like white noise on a black backdrop. They created an atmosphere of anxiety and urgency—like the soundtrack of a movie that will put you on the edge of your seat. … read more

A Talk With Geneva Jacuzzi: “everyone wants to have fun”

Geneva Jacuzzi is the kind of person who is always going around doing things her own way, which is often the opposite of what is usually expected. She’s gone astray from her religious upbringing in a Jehovah’s Witness community and started a life of her own in L.A. When she discovered the avant-garde synth music … read more

Remembering Prince at 19 On The Verge Of Superstardom

The so-called "kid from Minneapolis" was one of the greatest musicians of the 80s and early 90s with hits like "Purple Rain,"When Doves Cry, and "Cream."  With his androgynous-dandy style, his musical genius, and his desire to create his own world, Prince Rogers Nelson was born for the stage. Three months after David Bowie, the world … read more

Interview with The KVB: “We think “Of Desire” is our best record yet”

The romantic industrial shoegaze duo from London, The KVB, has been around since 2010. During their live shows, their specific blend of shoegaze is accompanied by mesmerizing visuals, resulting in a dreamlike audiovisual experience. With their new record “Of Desire” (Invada Records), The KVB has embarked on a European tour, including the UK and Russia. … read more

Interview with Dubliner Frontman Paddy Hanna: “I ignore the zeitgeist”

The Dubliner, known for fronting the Grand Pocket Orchestra, has recently set out on a solo career. His debut record “Leafy Stiletto” was released to critical acclaim back in 2014. Now part of the Trout Records family, his last single "Underprotected" is a melodic, lilting, plaintive, yet still delightful song. In this interview, Hanna discusses his opera singing father, the personal physical work he put into "Underprotected", and some of his favourite contemporaries on the Dublin scene. … read more