Backstage at Berlin Alternative Fashion Week!

Backstage at BAFW never fails to entertain me, observing the frantic reconstruction of complex outfits, so abstract as to leave you wondering how a market for these products even exists. The melee of colours, textures, sounds and smells produces a spectacle like no other; it really is a mouthwatering prospect for any photographer. Alternative fashion … read more

Our 15 Favorite Albums of 2015

After countless meetings, conference calls, anonymous votes and long contemplative walks, we’ve summed up this year’s album releases to our absolute favorites. … read more

Five Albums to Listen to This Week: June 30, 2015

From soul to garage rock and experimental pop, we picked five albums to listen to this week.   Leon Bridges — Coming Home You might not think that you’d necessarily want to hear someone rehash the exact moods, sounds and sentiments of Sam/Otis/Aretha soul music when you can just listen to them do it. That is … read more