Temples – Volcano: Album Review

English rock band Temple is back with their second full-length studio album "Volcano" as they continue to hone their sound in the three years since their critically acclaimed debut album "Sun Structures." Like a sculptor with a piece of clay, Volcano released by Heavenly Records, confirms that this band has learned and grown from their … read more

Backstage at Berlin Alternative Fashion Week!

Backstage at BAFW never fails to entertain me, observing the frantic reconstruction of complex outfits, so abstract as to leave you wondering how a market for these products even exists. The melee of colours, textures, sounds and smells produces a spectacle like no other; it really is a mouthwatering prospect for any photographer. Alternative fashion … read more

Our 15 Favorite Albums of 2015

After countless meetings, conference calls, anonymous votes and long contemplative walks, we’ve summed up this year’s album releases to our absolute favorites. … read more

Five Albums to Listen to This Week: June 30, 2015

From soul to garage rock and experimental pop, we picked five albums to listen to this week.   Leon Bridges — Coming Home You might not think that you’d necessarily want to hear someone rehash the exact moods, sounds and sentiments of Sam/Otis/Aretha soul music when you can just listen to them do it. That is … read more