Fort Lean is not a literal place. It—or rather they are a rock band and one not so easily described. To quote a great deal of their previous press, they are “classic rock-inflected, hyper-chill” “Brooklyn indie-poppers” and “slack-rockers,” as well as an “east-coast band with a west-coast vibe.” In addition to all of that, Fort Lean is a gifted (if difficult to pin down) band that just released a banger of a debut album called “Quiet Day.” Guitarist Zach Fried took the time to answer some questions about themselves and their first full-length record “Quiet Day.”

Lola Who: So firstly, where and what is Fort Lean, beyond “a place you can go”? Why can’t I find it on Google Maps? Is there gold there?
Zach Fried: Fort Lean is a place you can go, and it’s also the idea of the band. It can exist solely in your mind, or it can be evoked by experiences in real places. Fort Lean is something like summer camp, but the girl you like doesn’t necessarily like you back. It’s fun, but it’s not exactly perfect. And there is definitely some gold, but you also might get stung by a bee.