Kitty Von-Sometime Tells The Story of The Weird Girls Project

With The Weird Girls Project, the conceptual visual artist Kitty Von-Sometime wants to encourage women to love themselves as they are; curvy, round, thin, small or skinny. For the past nine years, the British-born Icelandic-resident has been creating music videos "to highlight the variety of shapes and sizes that make us who we are." For International Women's Day, we talked to Kitty about her latest glittery video #EmbraceYourself, what inspired her to make activist-art, and why women should love their bodies, whatever their shape.

Artist Jessica Anne Rose Talks about the “Bad Girls Club” in Toronto

Last month, Toronto eagerly welcomed “Bad Girls Club,” a feminist art exhibit, to the city. Curated by Ariella Starkman, 28 zesty and bold artists came together to share their views. The exhibit dealt with the representations of female relationships, love, sexuality, and independence in modern society. Among this club of talented ‘bad’ girls was Jessica Anne…

Michele Pred Talks About the Art of “Choice” and “Pred-à-porter”

In her clever and politically fueled series titled “Choice”, conceptual artist Michele Pred reconnects the past with the present by making a modern statement on vintage purses from the 50s and the 60s. The 48 purses of the "Pred-à-Porter" collection —part of the "Promote the General Welfare" series—are emblazoned with electroluminescent wire and thousands of expired birth control pills.  We were lucky enough to chat with Pred about how she uses her art to spark conversation about women's reproductive rights.

An Inside Look at the Lives of Teenage Mothers – Marta Giaccone Talks About “Be Still, My Heart”

In light of Mother's Day, Lola Who sheds light on an often misunderstood level of parenthood: teen moms. Marta Giaccone took an inside look at the world of young mothers in Wales in her project ''Be Still, My Heart." In this interview, she shares some of the stories and things she discovered in conversing with these strong and dedicated girls.

Lola Loves… Rad American Women A-Z

A is for apple, B is for ball, C is for cat... When was the last time you actually learned something from an alphabet book? Well, writer Kate Schatz and illustrator Miriam Klein Stahl want to change that. Rad American Women A-Z published by City Lights contains the names and biographies of 25 world-changers, that,…

Jennifer Osborne’s “El Reinado” – An Insider’s Look Into Beauty Pageants in Cartagena, Colombia

For better or worse, beauty contests instill passion in Colombia. Jennifer Osborne, a Canadian photographer, decided to go to Cartagena in 2009 after leaving her job at Fabrica, a communication agency in Italy. Her trip to Cartagena was specifically planned around photographing pageants, and staying with a Colombian family to get an insider’s look into the renowned Colombian pageant world. She took the time to share her thoughts on the worrisome psychological effects of beauty pageants, the Colombian beauty ideal, and how beauty pageants can (surprisingly) empower young women.

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