Amber Hartin

Weightlessness – Underwater Photography by Adeline Mai

Adeline Mai is a fashion photographer based in Paris with an extensive line of work for magazines, advertising and video. Her personal work also hovers around these commercial categories while also being more immediately artistic, explorations acting as sketches and references for other works. "Weightlessness" is a personal series of images where models are photographed underwater, evoking a sensation that…

Fashion: Interview with Lina Hu from Arc Jewellery

Jewellery can be anything from the final piece that pulls an outfit together, or the very inspiration for what to wear. Arc Jewellery, a Montreal-based brand started by Lina Hu, does all that with modest simplicity. Inspired by architectural and geometric elements, Hu's designs are clean and refreshing. Hu took a break to talk to us about her love for metalsmithing, her fascination for geometry, and spending the summer in Montreal.

Carlotta Cardana’s 21st Century “Mod Couples”

Carlotta Cardana's ongoing photographic series "Modern Couples" depicts couples, that she met at Mod events in London, who participate in Mod inspired style in contemporary culture.  Mod—a derivative of modernist— is not just a fashion style, but an identity and way of being that is a culture in itself and a reflection of the individuals. According to Cadarna, Mod aesthetics…