Chiara Lucchetta

Photography: Maciek Jasik’s Mysterious Colours

Maciek Jasik is a unique photographer, renowned for his fascinating and inventive portraits. Born in Poland, but currently based in New York, his colourful works have appeared across numerous platforms, from commercial clients like GQ, to his own exhibition “Bypassing the Rational” at the Dan Cooney Gallery. No matter the stage, his work is recognizable by the billowing, vibrant hazes…

Ariella Starkman Talks About Her Experience Curating the “Bad Girls Club”

The topic of feminism is one that has taken many forms over the years. Women and men alike are constantly engaging in conversation about the role of women in society and in the art world. However, there are contentions within the art world for many female artists. Curator Ariella Starkman wanted to keep that mind when organising the Bad Girls Club in Toronto. We talked to Starkman about her experience with “Bad Girls Club” and the challenges involved in striving to create a unifying space.

Artist Jessica Anne Rose Talks about the “Bad Girls Club” in Toronto

Last month, Toronto eagerly welcomed “Bad Girls Club,” a feminist art exhibit, to the city. Curated by Ariella Starkman, 28 zesty and bold artists came together to share their views. The exhibit dealt with the representations of female relationships, love, sexuality, and independence in modern society. Among this club of talented ‘bad’ girls was Jessica Anne Rose, a young artists and…

Michele Pred Talks About the Art of “Choice” and “Pred-à-porter”

In her clever and politically fuelled series titled “Choice”, conceptual artist Michele Pred reconnects the past with the present by making a modern statement on vintage purses from the 50s and the 60s. The 48 purses of the "Pred-à-Porter" collection —part of the "Promote the General Welfare" series—are emblazoned with electroluminescent wire and thousands of expired birth control pills.  We were lucky enough to chat with Pred about how she uses her art to spark conversation about women's reproductive rights.