Emilija Gratona

Rupert Lamontagne talks about “50 Girls of Summer No. 3”

As the days slowly revert to their shorter states, skirts and pants start to become longer and the last of our bonfires transform into just burning red embers, Montreal-based photographer Rupert Lamontagne reminds us of the softer, romantic side of the season of sun. "50 Girls of Summer," a project influenced largely by the delicacy of the female figures exhibited, provides a calm and poetic resolution to the commencing of summertime and all of the beauty it encompasses.

Interview with HAVVK from London

Emerging in 2012 from the ever-gifted UK earth, HAVVK is a four-piece band comprised of multi-talented musicians. Their layered sound explores a wide variety of musical dimensions, combining the angelic, light, fluttery vocals of lead singer Julie Hawk with rock-based guitar and percussion. The music videos that accompany their unique sound are just as brilliant and unexpected, leaving a truly distinctive taste in the audience's mouth. We sat down with lead singer Julie Hawk to discuss how the band was formed, deeper meanings and upcoming works we can look forward to.

An Inside Look at the Lives of Teenage Mothers – Marta Giaccone Talks About “Be Still, My Heart”

In light of Mother's Day, Lola Who sheds light on an often misunderstood level of parenthood: teen moms. Marta Giaccone took an inside look at the world of young mothers in Wales in her project ''Be Still, My Heart." In this interview, she shares some of the stories and things she discovered in conversing with these strong and dedicated girls.

Artist Allie Pohl Talks about the “Ideal Woman”

Inspired by the "ideal" portrayal of the body of a woman, the Barbie doll, visual artist Allie Pohl of Los Angeles created a thought-provoking and boundary-testing series called Ideal Woman. This collection of sculptures, influenced by the shape of the woman’s torso and other body parts.There is no doubt that humans are heavily impacted by society and often do things,…

Lola Loves… Rainworks in Seattle

Among the many wonderful attributes Seattle has to offer, there is one small defect in the seaside city’s charm: it rains. A lot. However, an innovative group of three men were inspired by the days of dreary weather, and through this, Rainworks was born. Peregrine Church is a Seattle street artist who creates a unique type of graffiti. With the help of friends Xack Fischer and Forest Tressider, they set about the streets of Seattle at nighttime and, using Always Dry (an environmentally-friendly water deterrent) and stencils, they create designs and hidden messages that only appear when wet. There’s always some controversy around street art in regards to legalities and whether or not it is truly art or simply an act of vandalism. However, I don’t think anyone would argue that the intentions behind Rainworks are nothing but that of positivity. Similar to “when life gives lemons, make lemonade”, Rainworks is creating a ray of sunshine on days that are gloomy in beautifully rainy Seattle.