Hélène R. Hidalgo

Artist Miyabi Matsuyama Talks About Art and Censorship in China during COVID-19

In times of pandemic, freedom of speech is essential to survival. In China, government censorship has provoked a wave of public outrage, especially following the death of Dr. Li Wenliang, the COVID-19 whistleblower who subsequently died of the virus. Chinese citizens, especially the digitally savvy generation, have expressed concerns about the government’s banishment of  the…

An Interview With French Darkwave Act VIOT

Meet the French cold wave singer and songwriter Adrien Viot. Together with Alexandre Armengol Aremy, they have been forming the dark electronic duo VIOT since 2013.  Their sound is intense, hypnotic, intimate, somber, but above all, danceable, especially when seen live. With his lyrics filled with angst, he crafts a gloomy universe where past and…

Interview with Valerie Phillips about “Another Girl Another Planet”

Valerie Phillips' ninth photobook "Another Girl Another Planet," published by Rizzoli, is a compilation of Phillips' favourite photographs. For fifteen years, Phillips has captured the girl experience through vibrant, candid and bold photographs of young women. In her volume "Another Girl Another Planet," the photographer revisits her earlier work comprised of images from self-published books,…

Q&A with James Bagshaw from Temples

Originally from Kettering, England, the psychedelic rock band Temples was born in 2012 when the singer James Edward Bagshaw met the bassist Thomas Warmsley. Temples is now considered one of the best British formations. We did an interview with James Bagshaw about the band’s second album "Volcano," their influences, and writing more personal lyrics.