Hélène R. Hidalgo

Lola Loves… Patrik Svennson’s Playful Playing Cards

Patrik Svennson, from Sweden, has designed a set of playing cards which are both cheeky and playful. He incorporates the heart, club, diamond, and ace symbols into humorous illustrations of people and objects. You can buy the full set of cards on Patrik's website! Email for more details. By Helene Hidalgo…

Photography Interview — Vivienne Mok’s Age of Innocence

Vivienne Mok is an international young woman. Born in New York in 1986, she grew up living between Paris and Hong Kong. After studying fashion design, she developed an interest in photography, quit her day job at a fashion house and decided to pursue her own personal dreams. As a self-taught photographer, Vivienne developed her own photographic style which she describes as “dreamy, feminine, and personal.” Her images are always full of sensuality and romanticism, and often recall the work of photographer David Hamilton. She took the time to answer a few of our questions.

Interview with The Furrs from Brisbane, Australia

One of the most exciting new acts to come out of Brisbane, Australia, is the ’60s-inspired, dirty rock'n'roll blues of The Furrs. Fronted by Gabriella Cohen and Jim Griffin, both in their early 20s, the Furrs came together in 2012 as a duo and eventually exploded onto the local live scene as a five-piece that harkens back to a better decade – while avoiding to fall into the Australian psych revival scene. Their debut single “Get On Your Horse” sets the tone right from the start, with Gabriella's chilling vocals, and bluesy guitar rhythms.

Lola Loves… The Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

This lush, green tunnel, known as the "Tunnel of Love," is located near the town of Kleven in Ukraine. During the summer, the trees form a natural 3 km arch over the train tracks. In addition to serving as a train route, it is said that couples come here to make a wish. If their love is sincere, their wish will come true.

Street Style: Never Too Old For Punk

On the streets of Nice, France, Monique Bordat doesn't go unnoticed. The former French bodybuilding champion even shared her secret for staying in shape! Want to know my secret to staying in shape? I take 30 caplets of TOCO 500 (vitamin E) every two months.” – Monique Bordat, former French bodybuilding champion.