Helene R. Hidalgo

Earth Magic – Photographer Rik Garrett Talks About Witchcraft

What if witches hadn't changed that much since medieval times and were still fairly close to the popular imagery conveyed by their early enemies during the classical witchhunts? In this collection, the American artist and photographer, Rik Garrett, signs a personal exploration of the relationship between witchcraft, the female form and nature. We spoke to Garrett about his passion for the occult, his relationship with nature, and his age-old photography techniques.

In Solidarity with Nepal – Here’s Where You Can Donate

Last Saturday, April 25, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, causing 5, 200 deaths and affecting over 8 million people, most of them in Bhaktapur, Kathmandu and Lalitpur. Aid agencies are busy on the ground providing food, health care, tracing down survivors, and reconnecting family members. [metaslider id=2311] Here's a short list of organizations that we trust. Please give generously!

Fashion interview with T. from Upper Metal Class

A couple of years ago, T. wasn't doing so well. Feeling disappointed with the job market, she slowly developed a successful home-base jewellery line in Portland, now known as Upper Metal Class. T. jewellery designs are elegant,  simple and edgy and will add glam to any style. We caught up with T. and gained an insight into her world, her family history, and her incredible commitment to community work.

Photography: Ren Hang has no limits

Naked bodies intertwined, boys and girls creating odd symmetries, humans in touch with nature and with each other; Ren Hang’s photography has nothing to please the Chinese authorities. Born in 1987 in Chang Chun, in the northeast of China, Ren Hang has made a name for himself internationally and now represents a new symbol of Chinese youth; uninhibited and seeking freedom.

Lola Loves… Elizabeth Amento’s Swirling Colours

With a simple splash of orange paint and crazy pink swirls,  Elizabeth Amento's mixed media collages will make you forget all those dull winter days. Based in San-Francisco, the artist uses a variety of mediums to create surreal and colourful scenes of the domestic life. In her artist statement, Elizabeth says that she explores the…

Interview with ?tella on her Debut Album

Greek singer and multi-instrumentalist Stella Chronopoulou, or ?tella, recently released her debut album on Inner Ear Records. A well-known female voice in the Greek independent music scene, the dark electro-pop project, firmly entrenched in the 80s synth-pop movement, is set to seduce music fans. After many collaborations with local Greek bands, such as My Wet…

Lola Loves… Suzie Stanford’s Quirky Tapestry Chair

Australian designer Suzie Stanford has been collecting old, quirky tapestries that she then turns into wonderful upholstered works of art! The art of tapestry appears to be on the rise, with a growing number of artists taking it into new directions. As she says in her artist statement, "I collect in a magpie-like fashion from auction houses,…