Hillary Loucks

Fashion Interview: Dear Rae “Let’s Get Tropsi”

Tropical elegance is the highlight of Dear Rae’s latest collection "Let’s Get Tropsi." The pieces, inspired by tropical plants like bananas and pineapples, perfectly capture the spirit of summer. It’s hard not to picture sandy beaches and palm trees while viewing this collection; even in the coldest hemispheres you can feel the warmth of the tropical sun emanation from these jewels. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Dear Rae jewellery is gaining worldwide recognition; lucky us, we got a chance to interview founder Karin Rae Matthee about their latest exotic collection "Let’s Get Tropsi."

Brixton Spring 2015 Lookbook

Versatility and charm go hand-in-hand with Brixton’s new collection. This spring 2015 collection consists of a vast array of unique designs that will suit any woman’s spring style. From the beach enthusiast, to the concert goer, to the skater girl; Brixton has a hat for you.

Givenchy Spring/Summer 2015 — Edgy yet Romantic

Riccardo Tisci’s goal with this Givenchy Spring/Summer 2015 collection was to capture a sense of nostalgia from when he began working in the fashion industry. The collection has a sense of elegance, yet an erotic allure that only a women could have. With lace, corsets, and stripes, this collection also has a taste of the Victorian Gothic era; circa 1800s. It’s definitely dark, romantic, and slightly bohemian.

Interview with The Pink Flowers

The Pink Flowers takes the term "garage band" in the most literal sense. Ryan Faist and Nolan Bennett give low-fi music a fresh new sound, with an old-school twist. Their music is made different by recording using low-quality equipment in a garage.

Photography Interview: Pia Riverola Goes to Los Angeles

Pia Riverola is a Barcelona-born photographer struck by wanderlust. She took a leap of faith and moved to the United States, and then Mexico. During this time, she has travelled North America, camera in hand, documenting her travels. Her newest collection is from her trip to Los Angeles. When we saw her work, we just knew we had to speak with her and get to know the girl behind the lens.

Fashion Interview with Kristen from Minoux Jewelry

They say that traveling the world can change your life. For Kristen Robison, it did just that. She had just decided not to go to law school when she took a trip that helped her decide her future. Before this trip, she had dabbled in wire-wrapped jewellery that she managed to sell. However, while in India, she learned how to solder jewellery and made her first ring.

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