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Interview with Dubliner Frontman Paddy Hanna: “I ignore the zeitgeist”

The Dubliner, known for fronting the Grand Pocket Orchestra, has recently set out on a solo career. His debut record “Leafy Stiletto” was released to critical acclaim back in 2014. Now part of the Trout Records family, his last single "Underprotected" is a melodic, lilting, plaintive, yet still delightful song. In this interview, Hanna discusses his opera singing father, the personal physical work he put into "Underprotected", and some of his favourite contemporaries on the Dublin scene.

Manchester’s Spring King Tell Us About Their New Track “Rectifier”

Spring King leapt into the ears and consciousness of many fans when Zane Lowe chose their song “City” as the first song he ever played on Beats 1 on Apple Radio. Since that time, many have come to love the four-piece Manchester-based band, often described as “post-punk” or “art-pop-punk,” composed of Tarek Musa, Peter Darlington, James Green, and Andrew Morton. Their…

Trevor Anderson Of The High Dials Talks About His Latin American Tour

The High Dials came to the fore in 2003 out of Montreal. For twelve years they have entertained and intrigued audiences with their ever evolving sound. This past autumn, they embarked on their first ever tour of Latin America, playing shows in Mexico and Colombia. In this interview, Trevor Anderson of the High Dials discusses their South American tour in Mexico and Colombia, their most recent album "In the A.M. Wilds," and why he thinks categorizing music into genres is reductive.

Princess Chelsea Talks About her New Album “The Great Cybernetic Depression” and the Sound of the Future

After the success of her debut album Lil' Golden Book and it's popular hit song and music video "The Cigarette Duet," Princess Chelsea is back with her sophomore album, The Great Cybernetic Depression. Something of a concept album, this new effort is held together by a loose narrative and cohesive theme. It's saturated by a futuristic synth-heavy sound which we heard glimpses of on her previous record. In this interview, Princess Chelsea discusses the influence her hometown of Auckland, her classical music training, the 'sound of the future' and the isolation tied to technological progress.

Interview with Matilde Davoli about her new album “I’m Calling you from my Dreams”

Matilde Davoli recently released her album "I'm Calling you from my Dreams" by her record company Loyal to your Dreams. She is a musician, songwriter, and sound engineer, originally from Lecce in southern Italy, but recently relocated to London. Her album contains elements of rock, R&B, and synth-pop, presented cloaked in the shiny veneer of electronica. Interestingly enough, however, the…

Interview with Icelandic Post-Punk Band Fufanu

Fufanu is a young Icelandic post-punk act set to release their debut EP "Adjust to the Light" on June 29th. Their music is somewhat dark and heavy, though not excessively so. Just when you feel as though their orderly songs are settling into a plodding rhythm, they often explode into a discordance of sound and excitement. These climaxes could be…

Interview with Cousins from Halifax

Cousins are a rock duo from Halifax. They've been together for several years, working hard to produce garage and indie rock that stands apart from other Canadian groups (ie: not the Toronto indie sound). Their biggest success yet came last year with the release of their album "The Halls of Wickwire." The album, which serves as a type of audio…

Interview with New Dog about his recent album “Classic Ballroom Dances”

New Dog is the musical persona of Azerbaijani-American musician-songwriter Anar Badalov. After working as a part of two different bands, Badalov is now releasing his second solo LP. "Classic Ballroom Dances" is set to be released on June 2nd. New Dog's music is sparse, reflective, and emotional. There is a calmness to the songs but also more than a note of melancholy. Badalov has stated the influence "sad music" has had on him, and that's definitely evident in his work.

Interview with Reveries from Sweden

Reveries is a new up-and-coming band based in Linköping, Sweden, composed of Alice Axinder, Gabriel Petterson, Noa Åkesson, Konrad Annerud, and David Elliot. They've only been together for about three years, but they're finding their sound and gaining some momentum. Their vague indie/alternative rock has an airy and dreamlike quality to it. They make great use of aural space and…

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