Tatiana Bastos

Lola Loves… Cléa Lala Embroidery Work

There was a time when embroidery work resembled a traditional, folk, almost grandmother-ish feeling. French artist Cléa Lala works fabric, paper and threads in a very distinctive way; the poetic duality of sensations stitched when looking at her intentionally imperfect but clearly well-executed pieces go from aggressiveness to delicacy, from innocent to acid. Clea Lala’s work orbits between graphics and…

Nina Simone: A Rebel With A Cause

#OscarSoWhite. Again this year, the Film Academy saw a movement asking for more diversity in the nominations and in the film industry. Some of the most prominent African-American Hollywood figures pointed that all the 20 nominees for Best Actor are white, with not a single black person making it on the list of nominees. There is no way to avoid thinking of the beautiful and touching documentary film, directed by Liz Garbus, "What happened, Miss Simone?" a film that is incredibly relevant in today's entertainment industry.