Photography: The Mysterious Universe of Juan Marcos

Juan Marcos was 17 when his photography teacher in his native Ecuador planted a seed in him by foretelling his future as a professional photographer. His passion for photography is exclusive, and ten years later, the prophetic words of his childhood teacher are being fulfilled. After having spent his academic years in Madrid at Escuela…

Naked Calendar of Artsy Residents in Bushwick

When we think of artists lofts, it’s likely that a similar picture comes to most of our minds. Maybe it involves paint cans, canvases, instruments or half empty coffee mugs and ashtrays. Regardless of what we each imagine, a place like this does exist outside of our dreams at 345 Eldert Street. Located on the east side of Bushwick, Brooklyn, the Eldert Lofts are busting at the walls with artist types. Although these lofts fulfill most our dreams by appearance, it hasn’t always been sunny days and good times for the building’s residents.

Time Travel — Body Art Projection by Davis Ayer

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Davis Ayer is a fashion photographer now based in California who is best known for his colorful vintage looking photographs. The young photographer, who started taking pictures in 2007, will often add paint strokes, colour filters, transparency and double exposure to create sensual and evocative images. In an interview with Lomography, Ayer explains why he prefers to shoot analogue,"I have no problems with chopping up pictures and manipulating digital images, but I have more respect for film... Film just looks better to me. Film is so much more dynamic. I think that analogue makes you a better photographer. Shooting film forces you to be patient, and really learn what you want in the frame." In this series entitled "Time Travel," vintage landscape photos are projected onto naked female bodies.

Vintage Photos of Gay Couples in Love

On June 26, the U.S. Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage a human right throughout the United States. “No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family" Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote in this historic decision. "In forming a marital union, two people become something…

Weightlessness – Underwater Photography by Adeline Mai

Adeline Mai is a fashion photographer based in Paris with an extensive line of work for magazines, advertising and video. Her personal work also hovers around these commercial categories while also being more immediately artistic, explorations acting as sketches and references for other works. "Weightlessness" is a personal series of images where models are photographed…

Book Review: Sounds of Two Eyes Opening by Spot

Spot’s first book of photography, Sounds of Two Eyes Opening (2014) published by Sinecure Books, offers a glimpse into the life of skate punks in California during the first surge of the punk scene. Punk burst forth in the 70s as a protest against commercialised, mainstream rock music, though it has since grown, hydra-like, by…

Carlotta Cardana’s 21st Century “Mod Couples”

Carlotta Cardana's ongoing photographic series "Modern Couples" depicts couples, that she met at Mod events in London, who participate in Mod inspired style in contemporary culture.  Mod—a derivative of modernist— is not just a fashion style, but an identity and way of being that is a culture in itself and a reflection of the individuals.…

Photography: Ren Hang has no limits

Naked bodies intertwined, boys and girls creating odd symmetries, humans in touch with nature and with each other; Ren Hang’s photography has nothing to please the Chinese authorities. Born in 1987 in Chang Chun, in the northeast of China, Ren Hang has made a name for himself internationally and now represents a new symbol of Chinese youth; uninhibited and seeking freedom.