A look at Canadian Line John & Jenn Fall/Winter 2015

New Canadian line John & Jenn have brought us something stylish and cozy for fall 2015. It definitely feels like the leaves are falling with the neutral colours this collection focuses around, including splashes of pink and yellow. The collection is versatile and looks classy but also very comfortable, with loose knit sweaters with chunky…

Rag & Bone Total Destruction Fall/Winter 2015 Campaign

Featuring the British model and actress Gabriella Wilde, the New York chic enterprise invaded the camp of cinema and stole the aspect of cinematic destruction, and dystopic imagery in order to achieve an impressive appearance of beautiful decay in a city of dichotomies—rags and riches, beauty and bones, chaos and enterprise. In an industry built…

Amilita’s “Because of the Night” Lookbook

Amilita's "Because of the Night" lookbook blends that sadness of a lost time one never owned in the first place with the dreamlike quality of a night spent blissfully awake, in the twilight between reality and wishful thinking. Reminiscing would seem to be the task of the older and experienced members of the human race.…

Gary Baseman X Coach — An Adorably Quirky Collection

Gary Baseman may not be a household name, but chances are, you've seen his work, maybe even in your house. From his Emmy-winning cartoon Teacher's Pet, to the weird and wonderful illustrations on the Cranium board game, Baseman makes contemporary art accessible, rather than incomprehensible. His latest project involves collaborating with Coach for their Spring/Summer…

Valentino Pre-Fall 2015—Celestial Romanticism with a 70s Spirit

Are you ready for a resurgence of celestial Victorian Romanticism with a 70s spirit? Valentino’s pre-fall 2015 collection depicts a landscape of mystical sunsets and galaxies making its audience beg for more. The starlet looking to shine will find otherworldly navy blue dresses, skirts, coats and boots, all embroidered with stars, constellations and planets, leaving a cosmic, romantic and utterly feminine feel.

“Stone Free” – Lonelydot Summer 2015 Lookbook

Lonelydot’s summer 2015 lookbook is all about creating the perfect mix of 70s vintage with a contemporary influence. The "Stone Free" collection takes us to a bohemian-disco paradise; with flowing and playful rompers, shorts, head ties, and other 70s inspired pieces. If you want to stand out and make a statement, Lonelydot’s collection delivers the trippy clothes that we love.