Lola Loves…

Lola Loves… Fiona Roberts’ Creepy Furniture

From a distance, you might wonder if the chair is oddly bedazzled... Wait... Is it looking at you? With its hundred eyes? If you're the type of person that always feels like someone's watching you (cue Rockwell here), you might not want to spend a lot of time with Fiona Robert's curtains either. In this…

Lola Loves… Elizabeth Amento’s Swirling Colours

With a simple splash of orange paint and crazy pink swirls,  Elizabeth Amento's mixed media collages will make you forget all those dull winter days. Based in San-Francisco, the artist uses a variety of mediums to create surreal and colourful scenes of the domestic life. In her artist statement, Elizabeth says that she explores the…

Lola Loves… The First Day of Spring!

Echinopsis. A big word for a for a type of cactus. But not just any type of cactus. It describes a South American flowering variety, which, under the right temperatures, yields huge, colourful, multi-layered blossoms. And while the plant can bloom over and over again, most of the individual flowers last only a day after…

Lola Loves… The Museum of Endangered Sounds

Remember the whir of a rewinding tape? The spin of a rotary dial? Maybe you're younger, and the sounds that bring you back are more modern: the Nokia ringtone, or that high pitched ICQ notification (half greeting, half chirp). These sounds, once common to the point of saturation, have slowly faded away with the advent…

Lola Loves… Suzie Stanford’s Quirky Tapestry Chair

Australian designer Suzie Stanford has been collecting old, quirky tapestries that she then turns into wonderful upholstered works of art! The art of tapestry appears to be on the rise, with a growing number of artists taking it into new directions. As she says in her artist statement, "I collect in a magpie-like fashion from auction houses,…

Lola Loves… The Glacier Project

Fire and ice. Two forces so diametrically opposed unite in support of a noble goal: climate change awareness. Called the Glacier Project and designed by native Icelander Brynjar Sigurðarson for PCM Design, these pale blue candles are a palm-sized likeness of their much larger, natural cousins. And like their wetter, colder, cousins, they melt when hot, just like what is happening to the glaciers around the world. It's hard to watch the slow drip of these candles burning without feeling a sense of urgency, spurring you to consider taking immediate action to protect and preserve our natural environment. Likely starting with glaciers. If you'd prefer to relax, pick up some tealights instead.

Lola Loves… Miso’s Minimal Tattoos

As an artist working under the pseudonym "Miso," Stanislava Pinchuk, originally from Ukraine, has become one of the headliners of the Australian art scene. Currently based in Melbourne, she started creating tattoos about four years ago. Her tattoos are minimalistic, delicate and remind us of the constellations in the night sky, maps, and organic forms perforated on paper.

Lola Loves… Silk Scarves by Nathalie Lété

Parisian artist, Nathalie Lété, started painting on silk when she was only 13 years old. Inspired by her parent’s cultural heritage – her father is Chinese and her mother is German – Natalie’s art is naïve and colorful. Flowers, places and animals come to life in different mediums, using various techniques, with childlike freshness and a dash of nostalgia. We love this collection of cute and vibrant silk scarves!

Lola Loves… Locked In the Ether by Kenji Shibata

During winter, time seems to stop as nature goes into hibernation… However, locked in ice, life can be preserved and time can literally be frozen. In a new series entitled Locked in the Ether, Osaka-based photographer, Kenji Shibata, chose to freeze flowers in large blocks of ice and to photography the flowers as the ice thaws, creating stunning blurred colors reminiscent of the French impressionist artist Claude Monet.