Photography Interviews

Photography Interview with Sarker Protick “Love Me or Kill Me”

Being featured in the British Journal of Photography is no small feat. One of the oldest photography magazines in the UK compiles a yearly list of "Ones to Watch," mostly young, but all talented, and on the cusp of breaking out.  Sarker Protick is a Bangladesh based documentary photographer that made the list in 2014. Currently a lecturer at the South Asian Institute of Photography, Protick has developed several photographic series, from a visual anthology of visits with his grandparents, to one of his most recent works "Love me or Kill Me," inspired by the Dhallywood film industry (based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, hence the name). Here, we ask him more about this project, and let the artist speak for himself. Lola Who: You’ve studied marketing, photography and journalism in Bangladesh, the United-States, and the UK. Having lived in all those places, how would you compare the photography scene in Bangladesh? Sarker: Actually,  it was only for a brief period of time, so I don’t think I should compare. But undoubtedly, the photographic scene is very strong and dynamic in Bangladesh. There are many good photographers. We have a famous photography school called "Pathshala," which has made a huge contribution to Bangladeshi photography. There is also a biennial festival of photography called "Chobi Mela International Photo Festival" that brings major and emerging artists from all over the world. We have a strong community, but unfortunately not many galleries are established here, especially in the photographic scene.

Artist Allie Pohl Talks about the “Ideal Woman”

Inspired by the "ideal" portrayal of the body of a woman, the Barbie doll, visual artist Allie Pohl of Los Angeles created a thought-provoking and boundary-testing series called Ideal Woman. This collection of sculptures, influenced by the shape of the woman’s torso and other body parts.There is no doubt that humans are heavily impacted by society and often do things,…

Photography Interview: Pia Riverola Goes to Los Angeles

Pia Riverola is a Barcelona-born photographer struck by wanderlust. She took a leap of faith and moved to the United States, and then Mexico. During this time, she has travelled North America, camera in hand, documenting her travels. Her newest collection is from her trip to Los Angeles. When we saw her work, we just knew we had to speak with her and get to know the girl behind the lens.

Jennifer Osborne’s “El Reinado” – An Insider’s Look Into Beauty Pageants in Cartagena, Colombia

For better or worse, beauty contests instill passion in Colombia. Jennifer Osborne, a Canadian photographer, decided to go to Cartagena in 2009 after leaving her job at Fabrica, a communication agency in Italy. Her trip to Cartagena was specifically planned around photographing pageants, and staying with a Colombian family to get an insider’s look into the renowned Colombian pageant world. She took the time to share her thoughts on the worrisome psychological effects of beauty pageants, the Colombian beauty ideal, and how beauty pageants can (surprisingly) empower young women.

Photography Interview — Sophie & Milo in Beauville

“Dreamy, personal and pure” is how Sophie Van der Perre, 27, would describe her photographic style. When studying at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Netherlands, she learned how to shoot and select the right images. Now based in Amsterdam, Sophie likes to be surrounded by her muses. Here, she tells us more about the day she spent with Milo, walking around the streets of Beauville, France.

Photography Interview — Vivienne Mok’s Age of Innocence

Vivienne Mok is an international young woman. Born in New York in 1986, she grew up living between Paris and Hong Kong. After studying fashion design, she developed an interest in photography, quit her day job at a fashion house and decided to pursue her own personal dreams. As a self-taught photographer, Vivienne developed her own photographic style which she describes as “dreamy, feminine, and personal.” Her images are always full of sensuality and romanticism, and often recall the work of photographer David Hamilton. She took the time to answer a few of our questions.