Photography: Molly Strohl “Star Dust”

Molly Strohl's Star Dust series is a collection of dreamy, hypnotic images that remind us that there is more to us than meets the eye. Based on the premise that we are made up of the same energy as stars, the images are manipulated to appear as though the subjects are bathed in gentle starlight. The photos feature young people…

Artist Liz Barr Talks About Celebrity Culture, Religion and Selfies

Liz Barr is a multi-disciplinary artist and art student living in Philadelphia.  Her artistic interests include the concept of relationships and the politics surrounding so-called ‘selfie culture’. She also works as a freelance designer for local bands and clubs. We caught up with Liz to find out more about her thoughts on celebrity culture and religion, and the implications of the 'selfie culture.'

The Whimsical World of Homeless Artist Lee Godie

Lee Godie's life was never the same after a visit to an Impressionism show at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1968. At 60-year-old, the homeless drifter declared herself an artist and sold her work on the streets of Chicago where she was well known and liked by locals. Aside from numerous self-portraits, her prolific output came in the form…

“In My Room: Teenagers in Their Bedrooms” by Adrienne Salinger —— All the Glory of The 90s

We live in an ever-changing, ever-evolving world yet despite constant adjustment, history undoubtedly repeats itself. Take the Great Depression of the 1930’s and the economic crisis of 2008… or the unfortunate revival of U2. Comeback tours, revived acting careers, Bush 1 and unfortunately, Bush 2. Sometimes, things really should just stay in the past. Fortunately, not all revivals send us…

Visvaldas Morkevicius: The “Public Secrets” of Lithuanian Youth

Fascinated by what goes on in the bars, basements and backstreets of Vilnius, the young photographer and media artist Visvaldas Morkevicius brought the flashlight of his camera into the dimly lit corners to capture the events and emotions he found himself surrounded by. What resulted is a series of photographs collected in a self-published book and accompanied by an exhibition,…

Photography: Alexander Schuktuew for Converse

In today's society that airbrushes everything and everyone to within an inch of their life, it's a welcome sight to behold the work of Alexander Schuktuew. His style is refreshingly simple and appears to be effortless. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that the photographer born in Kazakstan recently teamed up with the timeless and classic brand Converse. We recently caught up with Alexander to chat about the collaboration and to see what makes him tick.

Photography: Maggie West talks about KISS

Kissing is one of the purest and most universal forms of expressing love and affection. A subtle exchange of breath to a fiercely passionate kiss. If you thought voyeurism was something forbidden these photos will make you change your mind. Known for using tinted lighting, Maggie West talks about her debut book "KISS" and how she captured twenty beautiful couples sharing the sweetness and intensity that comes with a kiss. Happy Valentine's Day!