Take a look at the work of New York-based photographer Chad Moore and you could be instantly transported to a Brooklyn rooftop. His photographs are natural, unstaged, and capture a sense of dreamy but imperfect youth.

His images are flawed, full of movement, and faces are often obscured, but the spirit and personality of his subjects remains clear. Either caught off guard or just completely comfortable in his presence, it is this relationship with the people he shoots that allows Moore’s photography to feel so personal.

Reminiscent of old coming-of-age movies, the Americana-inspired shoot perfectly evokes the spirit of a carefree, misspent youth, from the neon lights of the roller disco to the wrecked car and disinterested models. Whatever the mood or style, from his wild, chaotic editorial for Heroine magazine to the laidback vibe of the Vetements shoot, Moore’s work retains the same unpolished edge, something which works particularly well when combined with the often too-glossy world of fashion photography.

Working with Vetements, and magazines like V and Twin, 2015 was a busy year for Moore. His work was included in the group exhibition Pin-Up! at pavlov’s dog in Mitte, and his editorial, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, shot on location in New Jersey, featured in Interview Germany.

His images rely on light and colour to set the mood, from bright daylight to eerily-lit night time shots. They evoke a feeling, an idealistic carefree youth, but the flaws and imperfections he captures add a sense of reality. More than anything, Chad Moore’s photography makes you want to get outside, explore, and experience as much as you can.

Words by Claire Kidman

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Words by Claire Kidman