For almost all of us, jewelry is something we treasure. It’s different than the t-shirts that hang in our closet or our shoes tossed carelessly by the door. Vancouver based jewelry brand, Wylden, makes a point to focus on the simple aesthetics we love. Founder, Trisha Lazaroo, has created a line of products that can be worn everyday paired with any outfit. The brand was fully pulled together in 2010, and continues to branch off the delicate aesthetic it began with. There’s no excess detail or color needed to make these products beautiful; sophisticated simplicity speaks for itself. We spoke to Lazaroo about beginnings, inspirations, and travel.

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Lola Who: Hi Trisha! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got involved in the fashion industry?
Trisha: Hi! I’m jewelry designer and maker of Wylden. I grew up in Singapore, but now call Vancouver home. My involvement with jewellery started with the desire to pursue something more creative after having spent the past couple of years completing my communications degree. I’ve always loved the process of building things with your hands. After experimenting with various craft projects, jewellery was the thing I kept returning to. I haven’t looked back since.

Lola Who: How would you describe your personal style?
Trisha: I’d probably say it’s a mix of masculine and feminine. For me, style means being comfortable in what you wear, and nothing feels comfier than a pair of worn-in jeans and a loose button-up shirt.

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Lola Who: When did jewelry making become more than a hobby?
Trisha: It was a combination of my passion for simple and focused design, along with rediscovering my family’s past involvement with jewellery making that inspired me to push forward.

Lola Who: What inspires such a minimal aesthetic in your jewellery?
Trisha: I like to keep things simple and understated – especially with jewellery. I hardly switch out my jewelry (call me lazy!), so I sometimes forget that it’s there. I think there’s a beauty in that though – that your jewellery becomes a part of you.

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Lola Who: Can you list a few things you pull inspiration from when designing?
Trisha: It varies from sculptural shapes and forms to different tones of colour. Working with those visual cues, I try to capture and translate a certain mood when designing.

Lola Who: Do you have a favorite place in Vancouver that you always return to?
Trisha: There’s a park near my apartment that I go to every now and then where you can catch a view of the city set against the mountain range. Besides being the perfect picnic spot, it’s a great place to take a step back and refresh.

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Lola Who: On another note, do you get the opportunity to travel much?
Trisha: I usually travel once a year to visit my family back in Singapore. When it’s possible though, I trying taking short trips – even if it’s across the border to Seattle!

Lola Who: Have you got any destinations in mind for the future?
Trisha: If and when it’s possible, Tokyo, Lisbon and Stockholm.

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By Cianda Bourrel