David Woodward is no stranger to controversy. Asked by his school to display an art project at a donors event, he was quickly asked to take it down once they saw what it involved: undergarments embroidered with enigmatic (and occasionally obscene) phrases.  His collage series is no less provocative. Words seem to come up short when trying to describe it. Mystical? Eerie? Strange? Maybe all of the above. There’s a theme in the elements he’s using—the images look like they could have come from a vintage nature reference book. But his skill is evident in how he brings these disparate objects—limbs, fungi, birds, insects, stones, and serpents—all together into a coherent work. Even though your skin might crawl for a second, you find yourself sticking around for another, because you need a better look.  

Text by L. Kimberly Leung

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