Kellesimone Waits is an artist just like her parents; singer-actor Tom Waits and painter-filmmaker Kathleen Brennan. With such creative genes running in the family, no wonder Kellesimone Waits turned out to be a prolific artist herself. Her work is highly centered around the representation of women; beautiful, mysterious, playful and sometimes even slightly deranged… “I was interested in making a beautiful image. But, I was also interested in showing the women as strong. Which is why I have them looking head on, confronting the viewer that way. They’re all making eye contact, and that is very deliberate,” she said in an interview with Galerie Project. Based in the Bay Area in California, her strange but lovely work has been shown internationally and sold in many galleries.

Words by Helene R. Hidalgo

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By Helene R. Hidalgo