Ah, the plastic bag! Ubiquitous in modern life. A billboard for where you’ve shopped. Often stored under sinks, lining trash bins, or tangled in tree branches. The victim of bans in numerous progressive minded cities. But what if you’re a fan? Surely there’s something to appreciate about them: light, easy to carry, unassuming. With the plastic bag, it’s what’s inside that counts.

This is where Lauren DiCioccio’s replicas come in. Modelled after a few popular wholesale designs (you’ll know them when you see them), hers improve on their predecessors by being durable, washable, and reusable, while retaining their original look, feel and portability. You can crumple these bags in a purse or pocket, a tall order for your typical cloth bag. Any resulting wrinkles just make them look more real!

Get one of Lauren’s tote bags here.

Text by L. Kimberly Leung

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