Originating from the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, near the border with Ukraine, Motorama delivers a cold-wave sound that never freezes. After working anonymously for several years, Motorama seem to have crossed a new plateau with their third album “Poverty” released March 10th on the French label Talitres. Motorama was a well-kept secret until their second full-length album “Calendar” (2012).  This band makes hypnotic post-punk music, playing with hot and cold sounds that combine past and present. For the connoisseurs, “Poverty” is much less romantic, but nonetheless fascinating. We spoke briefly with lead singer and guitarist Vladislav Parshin.

Listen to “Poverty”

Lola Who: Tell us a bit more about the music scene in Rostov-on-Don.
Vlad: A few good bands, but there’s nothing really interesting. We have huge hip-hop scene.

Motorama visual diary 1

Lola Who: Coming from Russia, can you tell us more about the indie music scene in your homeland?
Vlad: We have several interesting acts like Philipp Gorbachev, but he’s living in Berlin at the moment. And some young bands, but I don’t remember their names…

Motorama visual diary 2

Lola Who: Has your music changed since signing with record label Talitres?
Vlad: No, I don’t think so. We have no pressure from the label.

Motorama visual diary 4

Lola Who:Why the name “Poverty” for an album? What kind of poverty are you referring to?
Vlad: The name is open to interpretations. 

Motorama visual diary 6

Lola Who: Are there any exciting Russian musicians you would like to recommend?
Vlad: Philipp Gorbachev, he’s doing some good techno music with words in Russian.

Motorama visual diary 5

Lola Who: Apart from making music, you also seem to be into photography. How did you start your visual diary?
Vlad: We just like to take photos; we were into it even before the band formed.

Motorama visual diary 7

Lola Who: Finally Rostov-on-Don is not very far from Ukraine… Any thoughts you would like to share about the situation there?
Vlad: We are extremely upset about everything happening in Ukraine. It’s hard to comment these things, because there are loads of political aspects that need to be discussed at lenght.

Motorama visual diary 3

Lola Who: What can we expect for 2015? Any North American tour?
Vlad: Who knows, maybe! We will be happy to play in your country.

Visit Motorama’s website: wearemotorama.com


By Helene R. Hidalgo