Lola Loves… Nepalese “Beware of Dog” Signs

Imagine, years ago, these charming signs were commonplace in Nepal. No generic dog silhouette here. These signs, hand-painted by a local artist, accurately render the dog in question and come complete with a warning you'd be unwise to ignore. During a trip to Nepal, these "Danger Dog" signs caught the attention of Michelle Page, an American film editor. After seeing these delightful signs slowly disappear over the years in favour of lower cost digital designs, Michelle decided to start a fair-trade initiative to save this dying art form.

Lola Loves… David Woodward Enigmatic Collage Art

David Woodward is no stranger to controversy. Asked by his school to display an art project at a donors event, he was quickly asked to take it down once they saw what it involved: undergarments embroidered with enigmatic (and occasionally obscene) phrases.  His collage series is no less provocative. Words seem to come up short when trying to describe it. Mystical? Eerie? Strange? Maybe all of the above. There's a theme in the elements he's using—the images look like they could have come from a vintage nature reference book. But his skill is evident in how he brings these disparate objects—limbs, fungi, birds, insects, stones, and serpents—all together into a coherent work. Even though your skin might crawl for a second, you find yourself sticking around for another, because you need a better look.  

Photography Interview: Pia Riverola Goes to Los Angeles

Pia Riverola is a Barcelona-born photographer struck by wanderlust. She took a leap of faith and moved to the United States, and then Mexico. During this time, she has travelled North America, camera in hand, documenting her travels. Her newest collection is from her trip to Los Angeles. When we saw her work, we just knew we had to speak with her and get to know the girl behind the lens.

The 2 Bandits – Under African Skies Collection

Four score and seven years ago, The 2 Bandits brought forth an authentic and original Southwestern jewellery line dedicated to the belief that “All Cowgirls Are Created Equal”. Move over pop queens, these gemstones are made for a flashin’. Get it right, cause that’s just what they’ll do. The inspiration for the ''Under African Skies'' collection hails from Israel and West Africa, areas well-known for their metal work.

Lola Loves… The First Kiss in the History of Cinema

In 1896, the famed inventor Thomas Edison made history again by filming the first kiss in cinema in "The Kiss". The short 23 seconds clip directed by William Heise was filmed in Edison's Black Maria studio in New Jersey. This clip featuring the mustachioed John C. Rice and the Canadian actress Mae Irwin was considered scandalous, especially at a time when public kissing was considered a controversial act by the Victorian society of the 19th century.

Lola Loves… Naomi Okubo Patterns and Colours

Artist Naomi Okubo's bright and vibrant images are inspired by her experiences as a teenager growing up in Japan. As she explains it, "In my personal experiences, when I changed my own image, people changed their attitude toward me... I have been interested in appearances ever since". Okubo's paintings are beautifully saturated and visually appealing, featuring vivid florals, clear landscapes,…

From Russia with Love – An Interview with Motorama

Originating from the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, near the border with Ukraine, Motorama delivers a cold-wave sound that never freezes. After working anonymously for several years, Motorama seem to have crossed a new plateau with their third album “Poverty” released March 10th on the French label Talitres. Motorama was a well-kept secret until their second full-length album “Calendar” (2012).  This band makes…

Lola Loves… Lauren DiCioccio’s Embroidered Tote Bags

Ah, the plastic bag! Ubiquitous in modern life. A billboard for where you've shopped. Often stored under sinks, lining trash bins, or tangled in tree branches. The victim of bans in numerous progressive minded cities. But what if you're a fan? Surely there's something to appreciate about them: light, easy to carry, unassuming. With the plastic bag, it's what's inside…