Photography: Kimber Beck’s Self-Portraits

The photography of 25-year-old Kimber Beck takes the form of self-portraits with a retro feel. Her work might be better described as body portraits that explore intimacy with the body of the self, and with the bodies of other women. Captured in whole or in part, female bodies are often found in surreal contexts and contortions. Intimate and dreamy, the subjects of her pieces are often faceless and unclothed—or wearing only underwear.

Lola Loves… Javier Piñón’s Hypnotizing Collages of Medusa

Legend has it that Medusa had a terrifying face and snakes for hair. If that wasn't enough, anyone who looked at her would turn to stone, which probably makes for a lonely existence, one where the joys of eye contact, say nothing of sharing a sidelong glance with a co-conspirator, would never be known. Perhaps artist Javier Piñón sympathized with her…

Alexander Wang SS/16 Collection Is All About His Squad

Alexander Wang has a Wang Squad. No, seriously, they even have an Instagram account (@wangsquad) of tall, beautiful and impossibly aspirational it-girls such as Lexi Boling, Anna Ewers, Binx Walton and, lately, Kaia Gerber (Cindy Crawford’s mini-me daughter). So, unsurprisingly, the Alexander Wang SS/16 collection isn’t about the clothes, it’s about his squad. This collection is pure street style and—just…

Lola Loves… Yutaka Kitamura’s Time-Lapse of Petals Unfurling

Flowers—lush, beautiful and ethereal. Huge, full blooms never get old. Japanese artist Yutaka Kitamura created time-lapse videos that capture the twist, shake and bounce of each flower as it blossoms—something impossible to observe at normal speed.  Part of a collaborative art project entitled "Touched by Strangers," the hypnotizing images depict the movement of individual petals unfurling, as they open up to reveal the stamen and pistil. It's nature's striptease.

Street Style Berlin: Everybody Say YEAY!

Berlin Fashion Week is happening and last Tuesday, YEAY announced the launch of its new fun and creative video shopping app. The launch, held at the LNFA Concept store in Berlin, was an excellent opportunity to discover new up-and-coming designers and simply check out what people are wearing. We attended the event and snapped some photos of the people on-site. Check it out and get some style inspiration!

Thank You, Bill Cunningham, For Capturing The Magic Of Fashion And Uniqueness of Everyday People!

"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life," said Bill Cunningham. The 87-year-old photographer—who pioneered "street style" photography—passed away yesterday, June 25, after suffering from a recent stroke. In the fashion world as much as in the streets of New York, his independent spirit, smile and blue eyes will be profoundly missed. Born in Boston in 1929,…

Follow @lolawhomag On Instagram And Win A Geneva Jacuzzi T-Shirt

CONTEST ALERT! Win a Geneva Jacuzzi T-shirt! Last week we published an interview with Geneva Jacuzzi about her latest album “Technophelia.” Geneva Jacuzzi (born Geneva Garvin) is an LA-based musician and visual artist known for her futuristic synth pop recordings, theatrical stage persona and retro-style video art. We met up with her after her show in Berlin and she was nice enough to give us a t-shirt that she hand-printed herself :) Now here's your chance to win it!