Dana Trippe, 20, is a mixed media artist and photographer whose trippy snapshots are nostalgic of bohemian love and freedom. Born and raised in California, it’s almost as if she was destined to become a  hippie stuck in the 70s. This must be exactly what she was thinking about when conjuring up these self-portraits in a fish bowl series. She claims she is no a model but a mermaid maybe? Trippe’’s dreamy date with her fishbowl and grainy photography effects let her re-enact an era where she existed only in that abyss before the light of life. Distorted reality, Trippe would say, is a lot more interesting than shooting things as they actually are. Visit her personal website for a time capsule of a 70s state of mind, and femininity on the cusp of Lolita-esque passivity and revolution.

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Visit Dana Trippe’s website

Words by Rasha Karim