Maciek Jasik is a unique photographer, renowned for his fascinating and inventive portraits. Born in Poland, but currently based in New York, his colourful works have appeared across numerous platforms, from commercial clients like GQ, to his own exhibition “Bypassing the Rational” at the Dan Cooney Gallery. No matter the stage, his work is recognizable by the billowing, vibrant hazes he creates.


“Back in 2009, I saw a series of Post-Impressionist paintings at the National Gallery in London that inspired me by their simplicity and the powerful effect achieved by their vibrant colors. I wanted to work within that same emotional realm,” said Jasik.

All the effects of his photography are achieved in-camera, by de-emphasizing details on focusing on movement and colour. “Since I started working this way, I’ve noticed how effective color can be in portraying emotional states and drawing in the viewer,” believes Jasik.

Through his art, Maciek Jasik not only tests the limits of colour and movement but also tries to find a new balance between planning and spontaneity. “If you go too far into a strictly planned environment, the work can feel lifeless or stale. If you go too far into spontaneity, you lose all control and the work can be sloppy and mediocre,” said Jasik. “So I tend to set up a specific situation with lights in a studio, or in an environment, and then bring spontaneous elements into the mix.”

Maciek’s photography is a wonderland of colourful lights and haziness. “I’ve used smoke or fireworks in the past but they can be difficult to control, and you don’t know what will happen exactly, but that can lead to all kinds of happy accidents visually. If you find yourself with a mysterious magic and colourful glow ,you’re in a Maciek Jasik photograph.


By Chiara Luchetta