Molly Strohl‘s Star Dust series is a collection of dreamy, hypnotic images that remind us that there is more to us than meets the eye. Based on the premise that we are made up of the same energy as stars, the images are manipulated to appear as though the subjects are bathed in gentle starlight.

The photos feature young people in near darkness, alone or in couples, looking deep in contemplation, enveloped in the glow of the light they are oblivious to.

Hailing from the States, the 22-year-old writes on her website: “We are so much more connected with the universe than we commonly believe ourselves to be, and I want to re-establish that connection with Star Dust.”

Strohl intended the collection to be more fashion focused, but the addition of the ‘starlight’ adds a freshness that renders the collection more unique than the ubiquitous ‘young people/ beautiful clothes’ formula that is a little too pervasive to be exciting anymore.

“I use a destructive method on the photographs themselves, that in effect, allow light to pass through them in star-like pieces. Once the images are photographed a second time, the starry patterns and the original photos become one and bind together the human with their celestial counterparts.” It’s a clever method that pays off.

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By Sarah-Jane Ryan