Pia Riverola latest photobook “Flechazo Mexico” hits us like an arrow to the heart. In her words, it’s “a photographic love letter to the country – its culture, people and spirit.” 

The photographer and art director from Barcelona, Spain, fell in love with Mexico on her first visit in 2012 and moved there a year later. Flechazo is therefore the result of a 10-year journey through the country (2012-2022), photographing people she met and immersing herself in the colorful and rich Mexican culture. 

Pia is always on the go, traveling the world and shooting for magazines and brands like Vacances Magazine, Nike, and Freunde Von Frenden. In her latest project, Pia takes us from the bustling streets of Mexico City to the more serene beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula. She captures Mexico’s diverse cultural landscape, showcasing the country’s vibrant colors, history and people in a way that is both timeless and modern. More than anything, it’s a deeply personal project. Her distinctive style with romantic light runs throughout the book. 

One of the things that make “Flechazo Mexico” unique is Pia’s approach to photography in which she combines beauty and meaning. In an interview with Urth Magazine, Riverola describes her process as capturing “beautiful moments.” She says, “I try to find something that is beautiful, but also meaningful. I want to capture the essence of the moment, the feeling that people get when they look at something that is truly special.”

Her love for art direction combined with her passion for photography creates images that are beautiful and also tell a story. 

Her images capture the energy and playfulness of Mexican street life while highlighting the country’s unique aesthetic. From portraits of local people to sweeping landscapes, the book offers a unique perspective on this complex and diverse country.

We are particularly drawn to her stunning flower photographs. From the iconic marigolds used in Day of the Dead celebrations to the vibrant fuchsia bougainvillea seen adorning traditional Mexican architecture, flowers are a vital part of Mexican culture and “Flechazo” celebrates them as such.

Overall, “Flechazo” is a book filled with love, light, and texture. In Pia’s words, “Light and love can transform the mundane into the beautiful and vice versa; without it, beauty can become mundane.” 

Flechazo is published by Homecoming Gallery

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