At the request of Donatella Versace, Kate Moss was asked to change her hair colour for the upcoming Gianni Versace show in 1999. Always true to herself, Kate opted to dip her famously blonde locks in fuschia pink, perfectly dyed and runway-ready with the ends trimmed to perfection. She glided across the Gianni Versace Spring/Summer 1999 fashion show and showcased her iconic runway walk.

Photographer Juergen Teller displayed a very different view of Kate; her slightly faded pink locks sprawled over her pillow with dreamy intimacy. The relationship between Juergen Teller and Kate Moss was one that Kate admired. She told the Telegraph this photos felt the most like her “because it is us just having a laugh in my bed,” and was placed in her poignant photo-biography ”Kate: The Kate Moss Book”.

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“It was so sad, because this picture is when it started looking good and that’s when Calvin [Klein] said ‘No, I don’t think so, you’re gonna have to go back to brunette’ or whatever,” said Kate with a tinge of sadness in a recorded interview with SHOWstudio’s Nick Knight.

In one day, her hair was stripped of pink, turned orange, toned white and then dyed brown for Calvin Klein within a week.

Following her 25th birthday at the Ritz, in Paris, 1999 Juergen Teller shot another beautifully private photo of Kate Moss sporting Calvin Klein chestnut brown hair; a fitting image to cornerstone an end to the world of Kate Moss and her pink locks.

By Lisa Gomez