Lola Loves… Psychedelic Album Covers

Album covers used to be funky. Take a look at some of these 60s and 70s record sleeves and you'll see what we mean. No self-indulgent artist portraits and heavily retouched photographs here. Nowadays, with the popularity of buying single songs, you might not even know what its album art looks like. Which is a…

Stoned Immaculate Vintage Lookbook – “Last Daze of Disco”

The only three adjectives you need to remember for Stoned Immaculate Vintage’s lookbook "Last Daze of Disco" are the words sexy, funky, and dreamy. It’s a great interpretation of the golden era style of the 70s. The production for the photo shoot is clever and immaculate. Each image emotes a feeling that reflects on the good old times—the carefree times of Saturday Night Fever—that have past but still live within these pictures.