Lola Loves… David Imlay’s Dog Portraits

Imagine your dog as the subject of a Baroque style painting. Finding it hard? San Francisco based artist David Imlay places the heads of dogs onto iconic Western portraits, complete with flamboyant poses and costume. Part parody, part commentary, these illustrations are a bizarre delight.

Lola Loves… Nepalese “Beware of Dog” Signs

Imagine, years ago, these charming signs were commonplace in Nepal. No generic dog silhouette here. These signs, hand-painted by a local artist, accurately render the dog in question and come complete with a warning you'd be unwise to ignore. During a trip to Nepal, these "Danger Dog" signs caught the attention of Michelle Page, an American film editor. After seeing these delightful signs slowly disappear over the years in favour of lower cost digital designs, Michelle decided to start a fair-trade initiative to save this dying art form.