Lola Loves… Ben Lewis Giles Collages of Flowers

Flowers, birds, tree leaves... Ben Lewis Giles is a talented young artist from Suffolk, England, who is immensely generous with details and... flowers. His collage work features elements belonging to nature juxtaposed with poetic photos of girls waking up to spring's arrival. In an interview Giles mentioned, "If this is in regards to the flower…

Lola Loves… Kent Rogowski’s Puzzles

Kent Rogowski has puzzles all figured out. As he explains it "The thought popped into my head that a puzzle manufacturer would probably use the same die to cut all of their puzzles that shared a piece count in order to decrease manufacturing costs." Why this has not occurred to the rest of the world is a mystery. Meanwhile, the Brooklyn-based artist puts his epiphany to good use by mixing and matching his puzzles pieces to create new works—ones where giant flower bouquets materialize in the middle of meadows, and horses blur into blossoms and clouds.

Lola Loves… Tiffanie Turner’s Paper Flowers

If you're like most, fresh flowers only make an appearance in your home during special occasions—anniversaries, graduations, or dinner parties. Live blooms are a decadent treat: fluffy, plush, ethereal and maybe not for the everyday. But if you think fake flowers can never quite measure up to the beauty of their living counterparts, you should…

Lola Loves… Tattoorary Temporary Tattoos

What was your first experience with temporary tattoos? Perhaps a couple were packaged inside your breakfast cereal, back when they still packaged presents with your breakfast cereal. Maybe you had a book of them that you would cut out and apply. You would peel off the plastic, stick it to your arm, wet the cardboard…

Lola Loves… Clare Celeste Börsch’s Whimsical Floral Collage

Flowers go with everything. This appears to be Clare Celeste Börsch's motto when it comes to her collages, and you'd be hard-pressed to disagree. Börsch delightfully incorporates both the ordinary (birds, branches, and butterflies) and the unusual (water-skiers, hot-tubbers, stray hands) in her offbeat compilations. Born in Thailand, Börsch has lived in 5 different countries…

Lola Loves… The First Day of Spring!

Echinopsis. A big word for a for a type of cactus. But not just any type of cactus. It describes a South American flowering variety, which, under the right temperatures, yields huge, colourful, multi-layered blossoms. And while the plant can bloom over and over again, most of the individual flowers last only a day after…

Lola Loves… Locked In the Ether by Kenji Shibata

During winter, time seems to stop as nature goes into hibernation… However, locked in ice, life can be preserved and time can literally be frozen. In a new series entitled Locked in the Ether, Osaka-based photographer, Kenji Shibata, chose to freeze flowers in large blocks of ice and to photography the flowers as the ice thaws, creating stunning blurred colors reminiscent of the French impressionist artist Claude Monet.