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Interview with Australian Singer-Songwriter Fraser A. Gorman about his Debut Album “Slow Gum”

Fraser A. Gorman is a young singer-songwriter based out of Melbourne, Australia, who just released his first album "Slow Gum" on June 29th. The self-proclaimed Americana country-rock artist comes from humble roots but has grown his musical career to playing shows all over Europe and Australia. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and The Band, Gorman adds an Australian twist to the Americana catalogue. He talked to us about his musical inspirations, family, and what its like to live on the road.

Interview with HAVVK from London

Emerging in 2012 from the ever-gifted UK earth, HAVVK is a four-piece band comprised of multi-talented musicians. Their layered sound explores a wide variety of musical dimensions, combining the angelic, light, fluttery vocals of lead singer Julie Hawk with rock-based guitar and percussion. The music videos that accompany their unique sound are just as brilliant and unexpected, leaving a truly distinctive taste in the audience's mouth. We sat down with lead singer Julie Hawk to discuss how the band was formed, deeper meanings and upcoming works we can look forward to.

Interview with Rachel from GAPS, UK

Based out of Brighton, UK, long-time friends Rachel Butt and Ed Critchley make up GAPS, an electro-folk duo with a sound that needs to be heard. Meeting as children, the duo developed their own individual sounds before coming together to produce their first album “In, Around the Moment.” This album sees the duo working with…

Interview with New Dog about his recent album “Classic Ballroom Dances”

New Dog is the musical persona of Azerbaijani-American musician-songwriter Anar Badalov. After working as a part of two different bands, Badalov is now releasing his second solo LP. "Classic Ballroom Dances" is set to be released on June 2nd. New Dog's music is sparse, reflective, and emotional. There is a calmness to the songs but also more than a note of melancholy. Badalov has stated the influence "sad music" has had on him, and that's definitely evident in his work.

Interview with Reveries from Sweden

Reveries is a new up-and-coming band based in Linköping, Sweden, composed of Alice Axinder, Gabriel Petterson, Noa Åkesson, Konrad Annerud, and David Elliot. They've only been together for about three years, but they're finding their sound and gaining some momentum. Their vague indie/alternative rock has an airy and dreamlike quality to it. They make great…